Fifteen Minutes

Well, I guess i could go into detail of the course of the last four days, but I rather would not. Let's just say that on Monday I went from "oh, everything is nice and wonderful," to "I'm a demonic bitch who now wants to kill somebody really bad!"

Last four days sucked. Mucho sucko.

Meanwhile, Kind of going through several affairs, getting my life in order for what could be the last time I set foot on american soil for a year, I did one of several things. I 'hid' my LJ journal entries. You may also take note that this blog has no archives. I did that on purpose.

The reason? Well, under the extremely unlikely event that something were to happen to me while I was over seas that would bring me instant and unwanted fame, I wouldn't want people to find things on me online that I have written. So I've been in the process of deleting things, or rather 'hiding' them from public eye. If you were to look on my LJ, you may note that there are only a handful of entries that are currently residing there as of now. I don't know why I left the ones i did, i just did.

Oh, and here's a first. Instead of the usual 'reese witherspoon' comment, today I recieved 'you look like Jessica Lynch,' which is a first. Actually, somebody mentioned before that while she was missing, when they saw her, they thought she looked a little like me, but that was when she had just been rescued. I hope that doesn't continue.