So, what Now?

Do I feel like I'm fooling anybody?

Truth is, once upon a time I loved to blog. It was a way to vent my frustrations in a somewhat public way and let anybody who cared to read to opine on my feelings, or share in them.

However, in the last five or so years, I have discovered that the military and blogging don't mix. The military hates blogging, so every time I have been on active orders the blog comes up. It never fails. Even since the popularity has died on my blog and my readership has shrunken quite a bit, my blogging has still been an issue, so in the last two years, I just really didn't do it anymore. Which is a shame really, after I got the exposure I did, I had a potential to really go somewhere with it, as it is something I really enjoy doing. Or at least, I did enjoy it.

So where am I now? Currently I'm living away from my husband (who's deployed) on a piece of property that always has something going on that needs tending too. I've got two horses, I care for a third for a friend, three barn cats, six chickens, and a skunk that I swear that as soon as I see it I'm going to send some buckshot in its direction. My desktop computer has kicked the bucket and my laptop has questionable internet connectivity at best. I stare at my webcomic and wonder if I'll ever revive it again. I need to look for a job and somedays I just babysit the neighbor's kids just to remind myself why I don't have kids yet myself and I waited so long to get married in the first place. In other words, my life is busy, I can only opine on current events, and I'm so busy that I read blogs like Hotair, Rightwingnews and Instapundit to keep up to date on what's going on in the real world. I don't feel like I have time to really blog to a point where I can really do much with it.

If it wasn't for the army killing it for me, maybe I would have a decent blog that was profitable for me that I could work at (because that would seriously be awesome if I could get paid for blogging, or writing period. I love to write and it sucks so much of my life away already that I might as well get paid to do it) that I don't know if it is worth the effort to get the blog going again. What do I really have to write about other then life on the farm, what's going on in my world, and why Barack Obama can't seem to do anything right (well, I'll give him kudos for the basketball game he played for the wounded troops or something along those lines, give credit where credit is due).

So that's it, isn't it? Besides, in the next few months I really need to work on my domestic skills and I don't think to many people are interested in another mom blog, which when I start having rugrats, that would undoubtedly be what this turns into. That's why I have facebook.