Wallets and Car Keys

This blog is down.

I've set up shop elsewhere, under a more anonymous presence, but I promise, it's still me. I don't list my name anywhere on the site, and sorry, no pictures either. The reason for that is simple, I've been told to not blog under my name so that it can be traced back to me. But that doesn't mean I stopped blogging.

If you are clever enough to click on the pictures, you'll find the blog. Happy hunting.



Over the last week, I've been reading a lot when I am sitting around waiting, which is a lot, and read Ann Coulter's new book, Guilty. I have to say I like her. I guess there is something about strong conservative women that stick to their guns like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin that I can appreciate. And I think I can fully realize why I like Sarah Palin so much now. I was trying to figure it out, its more then just that she's sincere and a real person and not just a public face, (as well as the whole gun chick thing, I might be drawn to another women who is into firearms) but I have also realized it's because she's unapologetic.

After reading Ann Coulter's new book, I realized that some Republicans seem to eager to please Democrats and feel the need to apologize for any offense we might cause. if something is misconstrued, damn it, the republican will apologize. The democrats never apologize, they just bitch on republicans and tell everyone about the right wing attack machine and make excuses.

I do not consider myself a republican, because I hate political parties. I'm a conservative. I don't have to apologize for my feelings and opinions, I know what I believe and if I don't know much about something, I don't hold an opinion of it until I thoroughly research it enough to make myself confident of an opinion.

This political season has got me ripped and fired up from my vantage point. I was outraged by the attack that went toward Sarah Palin, which was downright outragious. The whole 'trig palin is her grandson' and 'troopergate' scandals, which weren't scandals in the first place, had me furious at times. But what really got me going was how the similar criticisms were not levied toward others on the democratic ticket. And then there's that whole 'Joe the Plumber' deal. Why was an ordinary citizen attacked for asking Obama a question, deflecting the attention from Obama's very questionable answer?

Everyone harps on how Bush stole the election in 2000 (and try to claim that he repeated the act in 2004). Doesn't anybody find Christine Gregoire (my governor) and Al Frankin's 'Count the votes until we win' elections a little questionable?

I boycott the media now. I refuse to watch CNN or MSNBC, and Ann Coulter's book puts into words the insanity I witnessed during this election and why I pretty much stopped paying attention to the MSM. For the last eight years we've been forced to put up with a lot of crap on the left. Well guess what? That crap is about to hit the fan. The democrats managed to achieve the house, senate and the executive branch, within the next few years after a few justices retire, they'll have a solid hold on the judicial branch as well. Watch as the next couple of years the government goes into the toilet and we emerge as a socialist state. Let's see what a utopia it will be as well!

Anyway, Guilty is a fantastic book, which I highly recommend. Read it. We need to hold the freakin' media accountable for their obvious bias, and I will certainly keep tabs on this administration. It would be nice if more people paid attention to politics. Next up is Liberal Fascism. I've heard a lot of good things about it too, thought I would finally read it.

-In case your still wondering, yes, the blog is still going down. But I thought I would give praises to Ann Coulter's book regardless and tell people to go read it already.



To all of you concerned, and I guess that is anyone who bothers to read this thing.

I will be removing my blog here shortly. It may be a temporary thing, but in the scheme of internet speak, you might as well call it permanent. Yep, this blog is going on a hiatus, the archives and everything will be going on with it.

Please don't get some crazy idea that I was forced to shut down my blog. I wasn't. I've been kind of thinking this over in my head for some time that when it comes to this blog and my career in the military, this blog has been quite a thorn in my side. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to remove the thorn. And I don't need this blog for the reasons I started it in the first place. I don't use it for the same purposes, and when you start to get to the level that I am, it becomes more of a curse then a blessing.

So I'm going to take the whole thing down for a while. In about a year or so, if I feel the need to blog again, maybe I'll resurrect it from the dead. Or maybe I'll start from scratch. Or maybe I'll just let it rest in peace. Who knows? A lot can change in a year or two.

Thanks for the comments and the readership. It has been greatly appreciated. Even if 2004 was a complete fluke and I probably shouldn't have this level of readership to begin with.



I've never gotten a pedicure before, which is probably something I should have gotten a while back considering how messed up my feet can get. It was kind of a girl's day out for my family.

As you can see, I'm on the far end there.

It's something I'm going to have to do again in the near future for sure.

Of course, after the pedicure, remind me to roll my pants down next time, or you'll get caught looking like THIS! Yes, it's so sexy.

in other news, I got a picture with my niece Sarah when we went out to eat. She just turned 2 months.



Sure, as soon as I go out and buy a truck, the snow melts to the point where I can easily get around in my car.

Murphy loves me.

I don't regret buying the truck though.


Snow Removal

Yeah, it's still snowing.

We finally got around to shoveling off the roof of the house, since several roofs have collapsed in town. Mostly garages and barns and stuff, but better safe then sorry. I just so happened to have my camera in my pocket so I got some action shots. Of me shoveling snow. Off a roof. Because that is so very fascinating.

But it covers the 365 requirement.

Day 5 of 365

Sometimes, I actually do work these days, sometimes.

Joys of Automobile Buying, Cont.

Impulsiveness is one of my attributes, it might not be the best attribute to have, but I am definitely impulsive.

In car buying 101, they tell you not to buy the first car you see. They also suggest a host of other tips on buying a used car to avoid buying a lemon and making sure you got a decent vehicle, probably 90% of which I completely ignored.

I bought the first vehicle I saw. Right now, pickings are slim because apparently everyone is looking for a 4WD, and trying to keep it cheap. I got mine from a dealer, but I felt good about it.

It's a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, everything I wanted with an exception of it being a 4 cylinder instead of a 6 cylinder engine, but I think 4 cylinder will work fine for what I'll be using it for, so my gas mileage will be a little better then the 6 cylinder, and its a 2.7 liter so it has more capacity, or something. I'm not going to be towing anything to much, maybe a flatbed trailer hauling an ATV or something along those lines.

The other downside? It's black. And black shows every bit of dirt ever. So I will need to focus on keeping it clean. But it is a Toyota, and Toyotas are known for being good vehicles, and it handles so well. I've never had big problem with my toyota that wasn't directly my fault. So, we'll see how well this toyota does, and if I have any major problems with it, I'll let you know how it goes.

But going by my gut, I feel good about it. I hope my gut is right and its not impulses going nuts on me again. Could be both.


Joys of Automobile Buying

So, I can't move my car out of the driveway. Really, I think it's the lack of traction on the tires, it kind of sunk in its spot that it's been parked in since Christmas Day and I haven't moved it since.

So I attempted to dig it out today, trying to at least move it a little more forward in the driveway so we can a little more room with a car or something, but alas, my attempt ended in failure.

My car is stuck in the driveway and I don't think it's going anywhere until the snow thaws.

However, i have no problem with my car when I can move it, but with more snowfall expected all this week, and brilliant mountain conditions, it has made me realize that, well, as much fun as it is to be snowed in for three weeks, I hate depending on other people and borrowing vehicles (like my brother's truck) when there are a hundred and one things I would like to do and can't get out to do them because my car is stuck.

But I kind of realized this week that there is a simple solution to this.

Buy a truck. It will get me around town when the weather decides to defy Global Warming Alarmists and dump record amounts of snowfall in my home town, and if I ever want to haul anything, I don't have to bother other people with the use of their vehicles. Plus guys dig chicks in trucks.

So I picked up the Nickle Nick, and the Wheel Deals and checked out Craigslist to get a good idea of what a truck is running right now. And kind of got an idea of what I want to get.

So, this is the features I'm looking for. Astricks means that I demand this feature, otherwise it's not going to kill the option of me buying the truck if it doesn't have it.

4 Wheel Drive*
Cruise Control
Extended Cab
Manual Transmission*
6 Cylander Engine for Towing Capabilities

Consumer Reports states that my best bet is a Toyota Tacoma or a Honda Highlander (hah! Slightly out of my price range) and surprise surprise, the domestic models appear to all be crap in the years that are within my price range, and have horrible depreciation. Like Dodges. Hmm. . . wonder why.

Anyway, I found this '98 Toyota Tacoma that looks to be exactly what I'm looking for except it's a 4Cyl engine (not sure if it has cruise control or not). How much can a 4 Cyl tow, or should I even attempt anything with it? Keep looking? Should I wait? Am I jumping into things and will I have buyer's remorse?

The thing is, I want to enjoy the snow and it's a little difficult when one is stuck in the home. But I'm also tempted to wait until Knox is a go or not. And I won't know for sure for about another month. But this vehicle is within my price range, even if I park it while I'm gone and let the family use it (or end up driving it and leaving the mazda at home) but whatever the case, I need to do something. Heck, it would just be handy to have another vehicle if I stick around here and need something reliable to get me to work when the weather dumps two feet of snow on me.

Who knows, I might consider an SUV like a 4Runner (my sister has one) that can tow, saw one of them online within my price range. So, truck or SUV? My dad suggested I go with a Subaru, but, well, I'm keeping my car (it's paid for), I just need something to get me around when it gets stuck in the driveway. And a 4WD is helpful when you want to go places a car can't get too. And I might as well get something that can haul and for luggage capacity.

I'll be telling you how my shopping experience goes. But I think I'm definitely going with Toyota. If anything, it gives me Free Ski Days.

Snowboarding at Schweitzer

So I went snowboarding yesterday at Schweitzer.

It was glorious snowboarding conditions, though a little on the cold side and I found out I had the wrong wax on my board because I was having trouble getting anywhere. And for being the third time visiting Schweitzer, (the first time it was icey, the second time resulting in global transient amnesia) I learned that Schweitzer is a skier's mountain.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fun mountain, and big. But there are too many flatspots and stupid cat tracks that at times, I was riding the toe edge of my board so much that my calves were burning. Toward the end, my ankle was useless that I could barely control the board anymore.

I had fun on the first tow rope I have ever been on though. Basically, you are towed along to the top of a hill rather then walking up it. This concept is pretty easy for skiers and experienced snowboarders, and I got the hang of it for a while, until I tried to adjust my grip on the rope. And then I started to lose my balance, I caught an edge and went down, and got dragged for about twenty to thrity feet. My friend told me to let go, but this is a skiers mountain mind you, and i was sick of skating everywhere. I didn't care how close to the top I was, I just let that tow rope drag me.

I wish I got a picture. It would have been funny.

Anyway, while surfing Flickr, I saw this group called 365 Days. Basically, you post a picture of yourself every day of the year. The idea is to get creative photographs. I thought I would try it. But I'm a couple of days late and I'll probably skip a few, and who knows, I might not exactly keep up with it.

Anyway, this is Day 3 of 365.

I'll have my friend Andrea know that I absolutely LOVE that scarf, it was my favorite birthday/christmas gift this year by far and I would be absolutely heartbroken if anything happened to it.

In other news, I need to find a more feminine snowboarding jacket. Wearing this or my military issue gortex jacket has most people on the slopes mistaking me for a prepubescent boy.


Blogger Down???

For some reason, my blogging service has been down, I'm not sure why, but I've still been blogging with the hope that it will soon be up again. Hmm. . . I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it works this time, but if it doesn't, I think I'm going to have to do a little research to see if I can get it working again and what's the problem.

Well, we're still getting plenty of snow in my part of the country, enough that I've gone snowboarding twice last week and am going again tomorrow. The last time I went to this particular ski resort, I came home without a memory. We'll see if I have more success this time.

I'm taking my camera. I want to get some good shots. Even if they aren't of me.


Resolutions - 2008/2009 Edition

Happy New Year!

Every year I make resolutions and post them on my website, then look back to see how I did the previous year. This year? Er, I don't think I did so well. Let's see, shall we?.

Resolutions for 2008
  1. Paint more (I told you, it would be back)
    Well, how about that. I did paint more then I did the year before, even if it was only one painting. That I haven't completed yet. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it.
  2. Max APFT (this is completely and 100% doable)
    Heh. Hehehe. That's completely laughable, considering I was barely even doing PT this year. I was stuck babysitting the sick call when i should have been doing PT. So write this one of for last year. This year, however. . .
    • Make at Least 70 points in each event on the male standard (I'll be training males at Knox, I want to be able to do anything and everything I ask them to do)
      See Above. If I didn't pass that, I sure wasn't about to pass this.

  3. Accomplish every task on the Confidence Course
    Never even did it.
  4. Earn a pair of wings (Air Assault, Airborne, whatever, I'm not picky, and Campbell is just two hours away)
    The opportunity did not arise. And even if it had, I would have passed on it because of the PT thing.
  5. Buy a Handgun
    Hey, I did complete one! I got a Taurus Judge!
  6. Effectively Juggle at least one college class with a mobilization at all times.
    I gave up on this quite quickly when I realize my degree was not what I wanted to do. I would like to go back, which is a possibility this year, but we'll see how that works out.
  7. RoadTrip (almost certain to happen this year!)
    And happen it did! I went all over back east, saw some places I have never seen before, although I think it would have been more fun if I had somebody with me. But road tripping is always an adventure.
  8. Effectively grab an edge and land it on a snowboard.
    I am getting better at jumping, but I have yet to grab an edge. The resorts don't really have terrain parks jumps up yet, at least the resorts I've been to don't. This is more of a lifetime goal anyway.
  9. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane (Maybe already stated, but if I don't get Airborne, I still want to go skydiving. Or Bungee Jumping at least. Something crazy like that)
    Jump out of an airplane I did :) With a stranger strapped to my back, yes, so my next goal is to go solo. We'll see how that goes.
  10. Keep a semi regular update on comic. (This might die during mob, we'll see)
    I posted a page up last month after about an eight month hiatus, but I am having difficulty getting motivated to do it anymore. I think I prefer writing to drawing.
  11. Keep Election Year political talk semi civil minded. Unless Hillary is involved of course.
    I think I was semi civil minded, wasn't I? Or should this go in the yellow or red column? I don't think I was acid tongued and called for the death of certain presidential candidates. I poked fun, yes, but I was civil minded, right?
    • Vote for the Winning Candidate.
      Voted McCain. Obama won.

  12. Don't go stark raving insane.
    Miserable failure. I went borderline homicidal or completely apathetic at several points this year. Though it was a good learning experience.

Wow. Just, well, that was pretty awful. I am hoping that 2009 is a wee bit more successful in the resolution department then 2008 was. But whatever the case, let's look at this next year.

  1. Paint More - every year, I will add this resolution
  2. Buy a truck - after this winter, I have discovered that it would be nice to have transportation after my little mazda kept getting stuck. that, and a truck would be nice to have. Yes, I'm keeping the mazda. gas prices will undoubtedly go up again.
  3. Get a Motorcycle License - I have a fear of motorcycles. I want to overcome it.
  4. Concealed Weapon's Permit - In the next couple of weeks, I need to do this.
  5. Get a real Job - This is dependent on what happens over the next couple of months. If I mobilize, that counts.
  6. Date More - very important, I just need to work on my social life.
  7. Max Out APFT - I should just make this a staple resolution. It will be easier if I mobilize, but I need to work at it even if I don't. I think I would be happier if I'm active and stay in shape.
  8. Run More - In par with above resolution, we can include Bloomsday, but only if I'm in town for it.
  9. Get Into Rock Climbing - Good hobby that keeps me physically active. And it's fun!
  10. Go Back to College - I might just be taking general ed courses or something, but I really would like to continue with my degree. I may never see a Bachelor's, but I need to do something.
  11. Save more Money - I want more money in my savings account. especially if the economy goes down the toilet. It would just be a nice thing to not have to worry about as much as everyone else is.
  12. Send out Christmas cards - this is a good way to keep in touch with people. I sent them out last year, I want to do it again this year. And I want to get more addresses too.
  13. Avoid the words Hope and Change like the plague - Holy crap I was watching the ball drop last night and that's all they were talking about was hope and change. Gag me, I'm just hoping Obama turns out to be a better president then i think he will be.

Notice I didn't get so military centric with my goals? I think I need to just keep it vague and go from there. Well, here's to a better 2009 then 2008 was.