Joys of Automobile Buying, Cont.

Impulsiveness is one of my attributes, it might not be the best attribute to have, but I am definitely impulsive.

In car buying 101, they tell you not to buy the first car you see. They also suggest a host of other tips on buying a used car to avoid buying a lemon and making sure you got a decent vehicle, probably 90% of which I completely ignored.

I bought the first vehicle I saw. Right now, pickings are slim because apparently everyone is looking for a 4WD, and trying to keep it cheap. I got mine from a dealer, but I felt good about it.

It's a 1998 Toyota Tacoma, everything I wanted with an exception of it being a 4 cylinder instead of a 6 cylinder engine, but I think 4 cylinder will work fine for what I'll be using it for, so my gas mileage will be a little better then the 6 cylinder, and its a 2.7 liter so it has more capacity, or something. I'm not going to be towing anything to much, maybe a flatbed trailer hauling an ATV or something along those lines.

The other downside? It's black. And black shows every bit of dirt ever. So I will need to focus on keeping it clean. But it is a Toyota, and Toyotas are known for being good vehicles, and it handles so well. I've never had big problem with my toyota that wasn't directly my fault. So, we'll see how well this toyota does, and if I have any major problems with it, I'll let you know how it goes.

But going by my gut, I feel good about it. I hope my gut is right and its not impulses going nuts on me again. Could be both.

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