One Hundred Push Ups

Somebody pointed me to this, and I decided I wanted to try it. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will have to be my days to do it however. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are run days.

I'll see if I can do it though. I've been keeping pretty busy with work these last few weeks, but finding a rhythm to get things done. Definitely never boring!

hence part of the reason for the lack of posts lately.

If nothing else, I'll try to keep updated on my Push Up Progress. :)


Global Warming is Coming! Run!

Right out of a horror Movie.

with the hysteria surrounding Global Warming, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this were to happen as crowds panicked.

Hat Tip: Glenn Beck


I Love the Whole Wide World

Discovery Channel has some cool commercials. You know, even despite how messed up things are, this really is an awesome world.

Hat Tip : My friends in LJ Land


Day at the Downs

In honor of Big Brown's shot at the triple crown, which died a really ugly death yesterday when he came in dead last at the Belmont.

Ever since I was a young girl, i wanted to go to Churchhill Downs and see the Kentucky Derby in person.

I have since learned that this is probably not going to happen, because of the nature of the Derby and everything, if I were to actually be able to make it to Churchhill Downs that day, I would likely be in the infield and not see a horse all day. People in the infield just go there to party.

So now that I'm in Kentucky, I decided I would make a trip to Churchhill Downs and at least see some horse racing there. Even if it isn't an event as prestigious as the Kentucky Derby. Oh well, less people here this way. And I got some good shots of some horses.

Because life is busy, my only day off is Sunday. I sometimes get off early on Saturday, but sometimes not early enough to go out and do some things that is more conducive to an early day, like going to see some Horse races.

I went early enough to see the Kentucky Derby Museum, and got in on the Barn and Backlot tour, though looking back I would recommend doing this earlier in the day so you can see the horses exercising. Because I came on a Sunday, the earliest time was 1130, at it was before all the horse races. It would have been nice to do it during a race to, I would have liked to get some shots with the spires in the background.

Anyway, I took my camera out and decided to try out action shots with horses running. The tv really does not do these horses justice, they are FAST! when you see them running down the stretch, they generally zoom in and it gives the appearance of them moving slower then they are.

This was the fourth race that day. I missed the first, got some shots of the second from the stands, but I wanted to get closer to the track. The third race was ran on the turf, and the turf races didn't really turn out. I didn't bet on any of the races, but I got a good look at the third race horses and as soon as I saw the eventual winner, I knew she was the horse I would have bet on if I were the betting type.

No big deal on that missed opportunity, she was the favorite so the payout wasn't that great.

I love this shot, mostly because of the other view you can make out on the screen in the background.

The crowd goes wild when their horse takes the lead in the last stretch.

Just like this shot.

One of the turf races. they don't have a lot of turf races, the turf being difficult to maintain and all. This would have been a great shot too, if that darn rail wasn't in the way.

These animals are beautiful. Yes, I'm a horse lover.

This is the cool down lap where they bring the horses back at a light gallop so they can get the saddle and reweigh it.

I wanted to get some shots of them watering down the horses after they ran, this one seems to be relishing in it.

So there are some of my action shots today while hanging out over at Churchill Downs.

Um, I'm pretty burnt. Didn't think I would be spending that much time in the sun.


Kentucky Thunderstorms

I got woke up last night at about 3 in the morning due to a huge thunderstorm, the kind that literally light up the sky, the thunder rolling nice and loud. I never minded thunderstorms, I actually kind of like them. I saw some amazing ones while at Fort Sam in Texas and in Kosovo. THere have been a few since I've been here.

Today after we got off work it poured down rain pretty hard for a few minutes, but there was still sunlight out. The humidity is starting to hit, when I pulled up to fill up my tank, (I never let it get much more then a quarter empty) and the water was steaming off the road, I had never seen anything quite like it that I can recall. It was kind of weird.

Yep, I'm keeping pretty busy. I was hoping to try to take a class while I was here, but it doesn't look to be happening, I'll have to take a break over the summer and perhaps pick back up on it this fall when everything is all said and done.