Kentucky Horse Park

sometimes my camera is too smart.

It has an auto focus feature, but sometimes focusing on the wrong object. Like those fascinating trees in the background.

Anyway, this morning was a very grey morning, and I have learned that overcast days will play an important part to how your pictures come out. I also need to get a cleaning kit for my camera.

I spent a good majority of my day in Lexington, at the Kentucky Horse Park. I have heard of this place and had decided that I wanted to visit it since I am here in Kentucky.

See, I am a girl, and sometimes I even act like one too. and it is a known fact that about 87% of the female population likes horses*, kind of like how the same proportion of the male population likes motorcycles.** Well, I love horses, so i spent the day taking pictures of them.

No, I didn't get any pictures of myself. I just got lots of pictures of random strangers on their horses.

I took about 700 pictures, every now and then you just keep taking pictures because sometimes when you take 200, you get that one that is just cool. Like this one. This is an Akhal Teke, which is a breed of horse that is highly spirited and very rare. the cremello coloring was what won me over. But I still remain a devout fan of Buckskins.

I think if I could learn to do anything horse related, it would be to learn how to jump 'properly' on a horse. I took dressage lessons for a bit back in 2006, but when I felt I was starting to go backwards, I stopped doing them. Maybe one day, when I have my life figured out, i'll learn how to jump a horse. But I ain't getting any younger. Besides, Skydiving is a higher priority on my 'bucketlist'.

But i still took lots of shots of random people jumping their horses. Lot's of jumping shots.

Truthfully, what I would really like to do is cross country, which is when you get on a horse and just race it along a course and jump over obstacles along your way. Why does this sound like a load of fun? Well, because One: racing a horse along the countryside is always a lot of fun and Two: Jumping over obstacles.

Plus you get to run through water. Just sounds like a lot of fun to me. And not nearly as showy and formal as show jumping.

Meanwhile, more random Horse Pictures.

More Akhal teke, in costume. I have always been fascinated by these horses

Little mini horse, pulling a cart. The buckskin paint is my favorite color on a horse.

Funky Ears. This kind of horse has a name, but it aludes me, and I'm to lazy to search the internet for it.

stick your tongue out at me. damn, how did I cut off it's nose? Maybe because I had the super zoom lens on? That might have something to do with it.

Just like the eye shots.

I love using the Macro lens.

I got a gob more pictures (like, 700+) but something tells me that most people might start to zone out once you start posting more then a coule dozen, so here is some of my favorites I took.

*this statistic was pulled out of my ass and is not based on any scientific findings regarding the percentage of the female population related to their love of horses, but it's still probably fairly accurate.

**When doing a survey, I asked roughly twelve random males in the army in the 17-36 age range if they liked motorcycles. Only one came back stating that they didn't particularly care for them (the 36 year old representative no less) while the rest enthusiastically stated their support for two wheeled motorized vehicular transportation.

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