On Leave

Which means I can talk about what I'm doing again! Awesomeness!

There have been many times in the last four months where something has come up and I am thinking 'man, I want to blog this' and had to bite my tongue and refrain. You should see the number of drafts in my queue that will never be published.

Anyway, I left on leave and I'm currently in Virginia. I kind of have an idea of what I want to do and where I want to go, because its good to have a plan, but I don't want it so stringent that I have to keep a tight schedule such as. . .
Wakeup: 0445
Shower: 0500
Breakfast: 0530
Williamsburg: 0700-1400
Trans to Jamestown 1400-1430
Jamestown 1430-1600
etc etc.

You know, have your life rigorously micro managed in the way of, I don't know, the Military. Damn it, I'm on LEAVE! For the next two weeks, I'm a freakin' civilian. I don't know the difference between Parade Rest and Present Arms. Yeah, that's my mentality, for the next two weeks. The army? I don't know Nothing!

Meanwhile, the trip over was alright. I had intentions of leaving enough space in my schedule that if I wanted to do something, I would just stop and do it. So if I saw anything interesting, I would go check it out.

There was a few things I wanted to go do on the way over, a few items in West Virginia had caught my attention in regards to some of the parks and forests they have, but I ended up driving through becase A) a lot of the cool things to do in West Virginia requires putting aside some time to do them, like a full day and B) it was raining quite heavily. I have nothing against rain, but some of the things I was wanting to do required me taking pictures with my big monster camera, and my camera doesn't like rain.

So tomorrow its Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. There is some flexibility in the next few days after that, I think I might hit Chincoteague Island just because of nastalgia reasons, I might go back to Richmond and see some historical sites, or I might just say screw the confederacy and spend most of my time In Washington DC.

There will definitely be some historical sites being seen.

Good News: Now whenever a soldier asks me about Fort Lee and Fort Eustis, I will at least now know exactly where in Virginia they are at.

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