Alright, had my monthly rant :)

Gosh darn it, if I have to be a loner, I'm going to be the best damn loner I can be!

Oh, and got to go back to work in about twenty minutes. Joy.

I'm also starting to see some slack in the area of comic strips. Mainly Creature. I got a comic drawn up, was supposed to have it posted yesterday but I got so busy working three eight hour shifts in a row at a job I hate. Ick. So I promised today and it's still not up. I'll put it up after I get off work. At 6.

Drew my friend Eto some fanart for her comic strip. I did one of Mory and MF and Mordred. They turned out alright, I guess. I'm my own worst critic however.

My back is peeling from my sunburn. Gross!

Ok, surfing around the internet for no apparent reason and realized something. I don't chat. With anyone. Hmm. . .

How i got to notice this is that I was surfing through blogs of complete strangers one day and realized, well, I don't know anybody on the internet. I mean nobody. I come on here a couple of times a day, maybe for a couple of minutes, maybe for three or four hours, and I don't do anything.

The only blogs I check regularly belong to people I actually knew before the internet (even if I just know them casually). Hmm, I am a loner, aren't I?

My sister keeps hounding at me to get out more. I should probably follow her advice. After tomorrow.

Meanwhile, i think I'm going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and start running. I need to get in shape for the next PT test, whenever it will be. I'm putting in my promotion packet this next week, it'll be wierd if I get it.

Ok, a list of pages I check on a semi-regular basis.

Yahoo Clubs once in a blue moon.

Mory's Education


Work on my own site (for hours at a time, doesn't show

Search sites at random

That's about it.

I need a life. Bad.


This is something I recently found, although by no means new to the internet.

When was the last time you...

1. ...sent a handwritten letter?
Hmm, May 19thish, I sent a card to a friend for her 21st birthday.

2. ...baked something from scratch or made something by hand?
A long time ago. I'm not a cook. At all. I think I made some cookies about three years ago for a basketball team?

3. ...camped in a tent?

Two Weeks Ago. For the Army. For ten days. Great fun. Got really stinky. Before that, memorial day.

4. ...volunteered your time to church, school, or community?

Was going to volunteer for Hoopfest, but things got busy and I ran out of time. I don't remember when I volunteered last.
I'm bad.

5. ...helped a stranger?

Igh! I plead the fifth! I don't recall at this time (it's late, I had like 3 hours of sleep last night, and have been up since 6:30). I do consider myself a good samaritin, honest!

On other news, day was busy. I hate double discount days at work. That's a really good excuse to spend money on items I don't need. But I got this great deal on a pair of Sketchers and I couldn't resist. I needed a new pair of shoes. Of course, I bought a couple DVD's as well.

But my Army Check came in! Yeah! Joining the Army is probably one of the smartest things I ever did. It has bailed me out so many times. Of course, there is that small issue of PAY! Why do they keep demoting me to E3? I think I'm going to have to hound the finance guy daily until that get's sorted out. I'm so sick of that!

I think Pay is the biggest issue I've had since I joined the Army. I've had probably 4 pay problems since I joined and only one of them has been resolved. Ok, first, I went to two Drill Weekends before I even left for Basic Training. Back in 1999. I still haven't gotten paid for that. I also got promoted to E2 while I was in basic and didn't recieve E2 pay until three months later. That got resolved and I got back pay. I had a couple issues with GI bill, but that worked out over all and I am oh so grateful for that check every month, oh yeah! Well, anyway, I got promoted to E4 (Specialist, my current rank) in May of 2001. That's last year people. I got promoted with a eighteen months in, but I got my orders to prove that I do carry the rank. I didn't recieve E4 pay until November, and guess what? I went through an Annual Training during that time as well. And to top it off, now that I finally been recieving E4 pay, they demoted me back down to E3 in April. I don't remember getting that article 15! Where is this demotion that I never heard about! So anyway, now I'm getting E3 pay when I should be getting E4, and I just accomplished another AT with E3 pay.

This does add up in the long run. I can't wait to get my back pay for those two drill weekends I never got money for, PLUS 6 months of back pay for E4 (which includes an AT) and another 3 months of more Back Pay with another AT! I wanna know what is wrong with the system that they can't get my flippen' paygrade right!

Well, anyway, enough ranting. Other then the pay, army life is fine.


Stupid Drivers

people drive like idiots here. I'm driving on a two lane on-ramp to get on a freeway and I'm ahead of this one woman whose in the lane I need to merge onto. So I speed up a bit so I can merge in front of her (there's plenty of room.) And what does she do? The Jack-ass speeds up so I can't get in. I'm thinking to hell with this and continue to gun it and try to gently merge in and she won't let me in! I basically have to hold my hand out the window and give her the 'what in the hell are you trying to pull by saving two seconds to cut me off when I'm already ahead of you buddy?' look and she finally concedes and let's me in. Then when we get on the freeway she passes me up and guns it. What an idiot.

It happened again however coming off the freeway and I'm trying to merge onto the turn lane. I was level with the first person but I let them go ahead and try to merge in behind them but the moron behind them feels like it is necessary for them to speed up as well, and they try to cut me off to! I basically yelled at them, (hey stupid, my blinkers on and has been on) and pretty much force my way in front of them so they have to conceed.

Why can't people have a little bit of manners when Driving? I don't get it.

World of Darkness Quiz

You Are A Changeling
Take the World of Darkness

by David J Rust

haha, funny! Create an animal!.

Hmm, I should probably put a links page of sorts on this thing. Working on it I guess


Hmm, what an interesting little political quiz. I'm a centrist that leans to the right.
Just did an little overhaul (well, sort of) of the side bar to the side. Still adding stuff to it. But for now, I think it's come a long way. :)
Uh, oops :) Messed up my page, didn't i? Let me try that one more time. . . (btw, if you are reading this after I finished fixing my mistake, I just screwed up my blog. Bad.

What's Your Inner Demon?

this quiz was made by Melissa


i really need to work on the layout of this blog, to include the use of archives. . .
My town has to be one of the most boring places on the scrape of the planet. The most exciting thing to happen that would warrent the attention of every news station and three radio broadcasts is the grand opening of a Krispey Kreme Donut shop. I had one, they were pretty good and all, but the ones with sprinkles, man, that's just to much sugar.

But then, I'm not a big fan of junk food like Ice Cream and Donuts and such. I've been proud of myself for cutting back.

Today was rather interesting, however. My body is a sickly white color, not enough sun I guess. I was forced to where pants while I was in california so my legs are blinding when I wear shorts. It was rather embarrassing, so since I had the day off, I decided to go out for a tan.

I'm a bit red now. We went to a place called Pine River Park and just hung out there for a good portion of the day. As a joke, since we were basically finished burning ourselves, we decided to head over to the People's Park close to downtown. I had never been there before so I thought it might be rather humorous.

Hmm, that's an understatement. You see, The People's Park is a nudist colony, and basically it's a conglamoration of a bunch of hippy throwbacks from the sixties. Very scary. This one woman had the equevilant body mass of three or four people. When ever we walked by, these men would stand up so we could get a clear view of their balls. I think most of the men there were gay.

That might have been a bit much for my virgin eyes. But then again, I did take a figure drawing class. The guy that sat in a couple times then was young and had a nice body. A really nice body. Of course, I was staring at it for the entire class as I was forced to draw it. I don't know what it is about naked people, especially guys, when you first see one just out there in a semi-public setting, you can't help but giggle.

"It's not an optical illusion, it just looks like one."

Phil White

Just surfing the net. Because they asked me to, I put BlogSnob on my website. And I've been surfing through it ever since.

Stumbled on this quiz. Got two out of ten. Interesting. . .

Still working on the layout of named blog that you are reading right now. Did a quick comic for Creature, however it won't be up until tomorrow. I don't know if it makes any sense whatsoever. If it does, great, if it doesn't, sue me.

Surfing around a bit and am intensely curious as to how people create some of their websites. Some people are really creative. I get slightly envious. I'm not as creative as I would like to be. But then, I'm not the computer whiz that i wish I was.

THis site needs more links on it. It be very bland. If anyone wonders why I did "Sepia edition" for now, well, I just revamped my entire flippen website and I needed something simple to unify it until I can teach myself more about being a webmaster.

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.

Tasting like nuclear waste is a good thing - nothing bites me, nothing eats me, few things even touch me. I appreciate the solitude my harsh exterior brings. What Flavour Are You?

*snickers* I'm nuclear waste!!!

I'm still horribly charred from yesterday's excursion in the sun. I had to sleep in a bikini top so that I could air out my back.
Anyway, enough rambling. . . For now.


Writing Addictions

Oh, and I've been in a writing frenzy as of late. Almost done with the second installment of my firstest book. Then it's off to the third part in the rather bizarre and somewhat strange series that I do not allow anyone to read. To get a clear idea of the size of this, um, story, the first part is almost 200,000 words. like 195,000 or something. The second part is longer. about 235,000 words. Or it will have when it's completed. Don't ask what it's about. Just surf around the homesite until you find my confusing synopsis. But something tells me that the third installment won't be as long. but then, I didn't think i would drag out the second book as long as I have in that it would have to end in ANOTHER book! I've been working on this story for nearly four years now, btw. Four years this fall. And while working on this one, I've started three other *clears throat* stories.

Maybe I should just update that site.

Yeah. That's it.

"Whether they find a life there or not, I think Jupiter should be called an enemy planet."

--Jack Handy

Muchos of Nothing

Even though I'm penniless and utterly broke, I broke down and saw a movie. Lilo and Stitch, what a riot!

My sister still hasn't had her baby. I keep telling her to eat pizza. She's due any day.

Updated Creature. The next comic should reveal a couple new characters, and probably give some spoilers but I'm getting ansy. If I keep at the current rate, I should be done with the comic when I'm fifty. I don't want to wait that long. So I'm jumping ahead. Like, way ahead. If you read the comic, you'll know what I mean. Or maybe you won't. If it doesn't make any sense, one of these days it will.

Hmm, I was wondering what happened to Rai's website. (found out through eto) It's been giving me this error for a while now. How frustrating is that?

I think the next site to be updated in the main page is the library. It's been sort of Blah for a while, and since i'm in that mood, maybe I'll just work on that. I need to get a few more links up as well. The link page just altogehter sucks much.

Still haven't done anything drastic. Hmm. I'm thinking of revising my strategy however. What in the hell am I talking about? Maybe one of these days I'll say something.


I come home during my lunch break at work and get on the computer and sure enough, my dear sister has kept her promise.

I had a dragon as my wall paper for a long time, as well as the Matrix screen saver, and had wondered casually outloud if I should replace them. Julie said that while I was away, she would put naked men on my computer. Well, they are almost naked. She went to Hunk-o-Mania.com apparently and put Armond on my computer screen.

I think I'll just leave it. He's got a nice body.

Haven't done anything drastic. Yet. . .

"I don't have to prove anything. I just like to."

-Saying on a t-shirt


How Evil Are You?

Ok, last one!

I am 14% evil.
Take the test :: koolplace.com

I'm just good. Although I've always hated the label *goody two-shoes*

Useless Quiz

I'm just in the mood to take tests today I guess. What a perfectly useless quiz!

Which Ninja Turtle Are You

Ooh! Ooh! A ninja Turtle Test! I was seriously addicted to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid. Really bad. I admit, i couldn't resist!

You're Michaelangelo!

You're the wild child of the group, always up for a party, a game, or any kind of activity that looks FUN! You have a short attention span and hate studying. But you're not all play and no work. When there's trouble, you don't hesitate to do your best to make it go away.

Which Ninja Turtle Are You? Quiz by Irish

Ok, I admit, I probably wouldn't have gotten Michealangelo, but he was my favorite Ninja Turtle so I kind of, well, cheated. :)
I probably would have gotten Rapheal or Donatello if I played fair.

Quiz Time

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna


None of the others seemed like me :)


*twiddles thumbs*

I'm bored. Sister yelling at me to get off the internet.
I got a comment about the rotting corpse. A good friend said it rather candidly as a matter of fact.


Of course, that's not news to me, I've known for quite some time that I am a strange cookie. Sent that picture to Rotten.com, one of the most morbid sights on the net. I'll see if I get a reply from them, then I can claim my 15 minutes of fame for a picture of a rotting cat!

"Sprechen sie Hooah?"

-Cpt Flurry

Dragons of a Vanished Moon is out! *does a little dance*

I haven't read a good book in such a long time! I'm at the part where mirror and Razor team up to do battle against the Macy's Day Parade Dragons! Man, I'm only in the first ten chapters and like all of this information is revealed that really explains why Krynn is so screwed up! I'm a huge Dragonlance fanatic, btw. At least, I've been reading them since I was thirteen. Very good books, recommend to anyone.

Meanwhile, I'm in the process of updating websites. Namely my two webcomics. I also need to add some links to my blogger. Quick links ya know!


Ok, I guess I have found time to tell of my adventures in the wild of CAMP PARKS!

To tell you the honest truth, there really wasn't much wild about it. But then, let me start from the beginning.

Alright, Camp Parks has a long history of Navy, AirForce and now Army, of being out in the middle of nowhere. Well, now it is in the middle of everywhere as the town of Dublin has sprung up all around it. Don't believe me? See for yourself. Ok, this is a picture of Area M, where we stayed. Yes, those are houses behind us. We were warned not to try anything funny, because the neighbors were watching us from their windows with Binoculars. I wonder what they did when we pulled out the M16s and had OPFOR attacking us?

I'm sorry it's a bit blurry, I took it on top of the hill coming down. That's prime real estate we're sleeping on there. The Army is discussing selling it to the City of Dublin for 1.2 million an acre. That's a lot of money!

Well, we planned to move out there on Saturday, but things came up and we had to stay in the barracks one more night before we could go out to the field. Being the only female in a unit with only 5 members, I was given a bed in Barracks 304. So I plopped all my stuff in the first empty wall locker in an empty bay and LOCKED IT. We headed out, did our thing, and when I came back, I found that the entire bay was filled with people whom I did not know. I also noticed that there was stuff on my bed.

"Uh, what's this?"

"Oh, that's Young's bed."

"Excuse me? This is my bed."

"Oh, well, this is Young's stuff here. We have this bay signed out."

"Do you notice the lock on the wall locker?"

"Oh, we thought that somebody had left the lock on there. We were going to cut it."

"Excuse me?"

Well, enough of finnagling around wondering if I wanted to sleep in the barracks that night, especially if they were going to cut my lock, I muttered "screw it" and headed to the male barracks, which was located a couple blocks away and was where my commander was situated. I had every intention of just heading to the field that night. However, on the way there, somewhat grumbling to myself and kicking dirt clods up with my feet, I ran across a rather morbid and rapidly decaying body of a dead feline. I stared at it in awe and made a note to self to come back and take a picture of it. Which I did. I thought I would share.

That has to be one of the nastiest things I have seen in a long time. And the picture doesn't even do it justice.

So anyway, to make a long story short, it all worked out in the long run in the barracks and I got to keep my bed. Only to be woken up by whom I presume to be Young who asked me what I was doing in her bunk at about midnight. At this time I was in a near comatose state and gave her the glassed over stare before rolling back over and going to sleep. I let one of her bunk mates explain to her why I was sleeping in her bunk.

Aside from doing all sorts of PM stuff (er, that's Preventive Medicine, you see, I'm a Preventive Medicine Specialist, that's my job, and to be quite frank with you, it's not all that fascinating to discuss in a blog), we got to deal with a lot of other stuff. I guess one thing I should discuss is the Porta-Nazi.

Yes, you heard me right. In my unit we have an entomologist (that's a person who studies bugs) who made the mistake of walking into a portapotty that was marked *female*. Well, Portapotties are all just about the same, but some Lt Col had this grand Idea to seperate the latrines into male/female. When our entomologist, who's a major, btw, came out of one marked female, he got reamed out by her. If that wasn't bad enough, she would not let it go. Every time he saw her, she would stare at him with this permanent scowl on her face and apparently eventually had it in for everyone in our unit. I later learned this when I was eating chow and discussing PM with the most senior 91S in the US Army Reserves. I over heard her and one of her cronies dissing PM for not helping them with other matters, mainly something called Measles. Measles is not handled by PM, but they kept sending us this scenerio about an outbreak of Measles. For crying out loud, if you are in the army, your given a vaccine for Measles, it isn't our issue.

The hospital did that a lot by sending us a lot of stuff that did not pertain to us, so we sent it back with our reply, stating that it wasn't our issue, and they would keep sending us stuff. Gotta love the army.

Anyway, we eventually wisened up and left the camp altogether and headed for this little pond and watched Damsel flies mate and did a tick drag where I must have caught about 2 dozen ticks. I also had one crawling around on me. Gross.

We also set out a little unit that looks like R2D2 and left it up overnight with a sign that said 'don't touch'. I got a picture of me touching it.

This is an air sampler. We told people we were testing for radioactive particles in the air.

One thing about my job, though, we do play with lot's of gadgets and gizmos. but they still had scenerios to accomplish, and since we had M16s with us, we had to have them in our possession at all times. I slept with it next to me on my cot. It was very bumpy. And since they had the OPFOR attack us only between dusk and dawn, sleeping was an issue. They made us sleep in MOPP gear and at one point I had to mask up at about 3 in the morning.

Well, anyway, this last week has made me appreciate Modern Techonology. We watched Fast and the Furious, Jaws, and Black Hawk Down. In the field. With our portable DVD player. We have power :) We also played games in our down time on the laptops. I got to get me one of those. Unfortunately, no internet access.

We also went to San Francisco, I don't even know if I want to go there. It was fun, don't get me wrong, it's just that everything suddenly went against us. And we had to walk everywhere. And I am a poor starving college student.

About a billion other things happened, I'm not even skimming the surface, but to top it off, when we came out of the field yesterday, they put me in the same barracks so I put my stuff in an empty wall locker (I was told it was a first come, first serve basis) and went with the unit for dinner and a movie (windtalkers, really good, sound track a bit distracting however), only to come back and find a note telling me that if I didn't remove the lock on my wall locker by 1200, that they would do it by force.

Good thing I headed out at 0800. However, being a civilian most of the time, in case they did come in at Midnight as opposed to noon the next day, I left them a nasty note on the wall locker that basically stated I had every right to be there and if they woke me up concerning this issue, I would disregard their rank and pull a yoda on their ass.

Ah, got to love Military life. This AT however really wasn't that bad. I found it very enjoyable and a good unit cohesion tool.

Hey, I'm back amongst the living!

Well, maybe not. I'm rather among the inanimate internet junkies once again. roughly ten days of no internet access and you suffer from withdrawals. Meanwhile, I'm working on the 200+ emails that I am busy unsubscribing from (damn junk mail!)

I'll have to talk about my trip in a minute. Meanwhile, back to email.


Day three, camp Parks California. . .

Not much happening. As I was walking to HQ this morning(that's headquarters for those of you who don't speak Army), I must have looked across the field and saw about a hundred ground squirrels. Those things are everywhere. And don't try running anywhere to get where you need to go, you'll likely plant your foot in one of their holes and break your leg.

Meanwhile, so far since I've been here, it's been more pleasant then last year's AT. But not as much to do. I got suckered into ADVON again for some reason (Uh, that's advanced party, btw), but there is no mission for me to do other then to secure the equipment and the vehicles (done) and wait for the weapons to get here (er, they'll be here on Monday). Now I get to sit on my butt and wait for the main body to get here. That's all three of them. Meanwhile, eh, not much. Oh yeah, I managed to promote myself to Corporal when I got here. Not on purpose, mind you, when I changed, I forgot to grab some rank and so I headed to the PX (er, that's Post Exchange, or the store in military terms) which is tiny, and they were out of Specialist. So I got the next best thing. It's still E4, and I'm practically a sergeant anyway. Or will be likely in about four months, unless I botch up my packet.

I probably should have grabbed PFC, they've been paying me that for the last year, stupid pay systems. They are always botching up my pay. The one downside of the Army.

Alright, probably should get off this thing now.


After today, I won't have internet access for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Wahoo!

Annual training for the US Army Reserves. Fun stuff. I get a gun this time. Oh, excuse me, I meant a weapon. It's name is Ralph. :)


I act like I'm 12.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

I'm very much a kid at heart, so I'll take this test as sign.

As for this next test, well, I have a very big mouth. And I mean a very big mouth. So i don't think it is one hundred percent accurate.

Which monkey are you?

Anyway, see ya in about two weeks :)


Art Life

Too much homework! I'm to much of a slacker! AAAHH!!!!!

I guess I just had to post something today before it was no longer today. Then off to my lovely assignment on Marcel Duchamp. I replicated one of his pieces, the infamous tire and stool combination readymades. I also turned in an assignment where I had to depict four different art movements using one combing factor. I used a toaster. What I did was I took an old toaster from a yard sale and signed it and considered that my ready-made depicting the Dada movement. Then I did that one picture of Dali's Persistence of Memory, where all the clocks are drooping, and changed them into toasters. And then I did a De Stijl and a Fauvist piece. Those ones weren't all that interesting. But my teacher really liked the Dada one, so that's a good thing!


SimilarMinds.com Compatibility Test

Your match with Eto

you are 62% similar

you are 91% complimentary

How Compatible are You with me?

Fun fun! Hey everyone (who knows me at least) Take this test! It is muchos cool!

Alright, I enjoy these tests way to much, don't I?

:: how jedi are you? ::

"The amount of sleep required by the
average person is about five minutes more."

Wilson Misner

Hehe, I love quotes *Smiles*

I'm Aan!

Take the test,
and read the story!

Brought to you by Waha1.com

Just because, now I guess i better go read the story now, huh? I know a couple of the people in it fairly well. When I have more time, maybe.

I'm really starting to hate work. Working as a cashier, all to often I get that one customer that just likes to make my day a living hell. They just can't be satisfied and take it out on me. After AT this year, I think I'll get another job. Meanwhile, homework is calling my name, and I'm avoiding it at all costs. But I got a lot of it done, so that's a good thing. Right?
Yay! *jumps up and down with extreme joy!* I got it to work! After only about five hundred of updates and trials and see if this works and just being a dumb blonde, I got it to work!

I think I aptly named my blog :)
Ok, this is the last time, and then all these little postings will be over. And I will be able to spend my time on much more productive activities. Sort of. Like doing the Laundry at midnight.
I sure do say alright a lot. . .
Trying one more time, and then I think I will be throwing the modem on the ground and stomping on it repeatedly. I'm really wanting to vent frustration out on something. What is wrong with this thing!!!
*twiddles thumbs* Alright, this should do it then


It's still ugly as hell *sighs*

How do I get rid of this Kami Risawn crap? I just go by Risawn thankyou very much!
Alright, I think I have it this time!
Why is this stupid thing putting both my name and Alias on here!?!?!

More Testing of the Blog

Alright, one more time. . .

Most of this is trial and error, btw. This is what you get when you teach yourself HTML

Blogging For Real

Hmm, tried this earlier but it didn't work, so I just started over and rebooted from scratch.

Alright, let's see if it works this time!!!

The Blog, that is.