Stupid Drivers

people drive like idiots here. I'm driving on a two lane on-ramp to get on a freeway and I'm ahead of this one woman whose in the lane I need to merge onto. So I speed up a bit so I can merge in front of her (there's plenty of room.) And what does she do? The Jack-ass speeds up so I can't get in. I'm thinking to hell with this and continue to gun it and try to gently merge in and she won't let me in! I basically have to hold my hand out the window and give her the 'what in the hell are you trying to pull by saving two seconds to cut me off when I'm already ahead of you buddy?' look and she finally concedes and let's me in. Then when we get on the freeway she passes me up and guns it. What an idiot.

It happened again however coming off the freeway and I'm trying to merge onto the turn lane. I was level with the first person but I let them go ahead and try to merge in behind them but the moron behind them feels like it is necessary for them to speed up as well, and they try to cut me off to! I basically yelled at them, (hey stupid, my blinkers on and has been on) and pretty much force my way in front of them so they have to conceed.

Why can't people have a little bit of manners when Driving? I don't get it.

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