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Too much homework! I'm to much of a slacker! AAAHH!!!!!

I guess I just had to post something today before it was no longer today. Then off to my lovely assignment on Marcel Duchamp. I replicated one of his pieces, the infamous tire and stool combination readymades. I also turned in an assignment where I had to depict four different art movements using one combing factor. I used a toaster. What I did was I took an old toaster from a yard sale and signed it and considered that my ready-made depicting the Dada movement. Then I did that one picture of Dali's Persistence of Memory, where all the clocks are drooping, and changed them into toasters. And then I did a De Stijl and a Fauvist piece. Those ones weren't all that interesting. But my teacher really liked the Dada one, so that's a good thing!

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