Ok, surfing around the internet for no apparent reason and realized something. I don't chat. With anyone. Hmm. . .

How i got to notice this is that I was surfing through blogs of complete strangers one day and realized, well, I don't know anybody on the internet. I mean nobody. I come on here a couple of times a day, maybe for a couple of minutes, maybe for three or four hours, and I don't do anything.

The only blogs I check regularly belong to people I actually knew before the internet (even if I just know them casually). Hmm, I am a loner, aren't I?

My sister keeps hounding at me to get out more. I should probably follow her advice. After tomorrow.

Meanwhile, i think I'm going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and start running. I need to get in shape for the next PT test, whenever it will be. I'm putting in my promotion packet this next week, it'll be wierd if I get it.

Ok, a list of pages I check on a semi-regular basis.

Yahoo Clubs once in a blue moon.

Mory's Education


Work on my own site (for hours at a time, doesn't show

Search sites at random

That's about it.

I need a life. Bad.

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