Day three, camp Parks California. . .

Not much happening. As I was walking to HQ this morning(that's headquarters for those of you who don't speak Army), I must have looked across the field and saw about a hundred ground squirrels. Those things are everywhere. And don't try running anywhere to get where you need to go, you'll likely plant your foot in one of their holes and break your leg.

Meanwhile, so far since I've been here, it's been more pleasant then last year's AT. But not as much to do. I got suckered into ADVON again for some reason (Uh, that's advanced party, btw), but there is no mission for me to do other then to secure the equipment and the vehicles (done) and wait for the weapons to get here (er, they'll be here on Monday). Now I get to sit on my butt and wait for the main body to get here. That's all three of them. Meanwhile, eh, not much. Oh yeah, I managed to promote myself to Corporal when I got here. Not on purpose, mind you, when I changed, I forgot to grab some rank and so I headed to the PX (er, that's Post Exchange, or the store in military terms) which is tiny, and they were out of Specialist. So I got the next best thing. It's still E4, and I'm practically a sergeant anyway. Or will be likely in about four months, unless I botch up my packet.

I probably should have grabbed PFC, they've been paying me that for the last year, stupid pay systems. They are always botching up my pay. The one downside of the Army.

Alright, probably should get off this thing now.

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