Latest whatevers. . .

So, what's the latest to be going on in my rather boring life right now?

As anybody who bothers to read my blog may have noticed, I haven't exactly been saying a whole lot on the blogging front recently. I keep up to date with current events by reading a few blogs just to keep me current, but for the most part, I've been chilling the last month. This includes rock climbing, snowboarding, watching Star Trek Enterprise and getting hooked on Browser Games courtesy of Facebook.

Damn I wish I never discovered Browser Games. They are stupidly addictive.

Meanwhile, me and a friend of mine are trying to get into running and stuff. There is always Bloomsday, which we both plan on doing later, and there are a few small runs going on before then that we both want to take part in. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what I can do and when, and organizing it around Drill Weekends and school.

Yep, I'm back in school. I'm actually going for a degree that has some merit this time, unlike before, and if I stick with it, I should actually be competitive and I'll have a bachelor's degree in about two years.

And I have discovered I probably need to start looking for a job in this hellish economy. I might have to suck it up and go into retail again *bleh* but when you need a job, you need a job. And I need a job. I can probably go for a few more months before I absolutely have to get a job, I got enough of a micro nest egg to live off of from my year in Kentucky, but I will have to keep an eye open for work.

So, other then current events, when the mood strikes me as wanting to write about my thoughts, when I do blog, it may resort to blogging about Running, Rock Climbing, School, and Job Searches. Really, is there anything to blog about that is worth my redundant rambling?

I'm loathe to blog about Army Matters, just because of my luck with it in the past, unless it's current events such as the military policy on DADT or something like that.

Maybe i should update the comic again?


Visited States Updated

visited 45 states (90%)
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Yep, I've got my map pretty much red. One little section in the south left, and of course, Hawaii and Alaska.

So five states to go. I think I can do it in three seperate trips.

How do I rate the states? The last chunk I saw (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota) were likely seen in the wrong time of year. But hey, now I know what the Northern Mid West states are like in the dead of winter. Down right chilly!