Die Schützenschnur

The Schützenschnur is, as I have mentioned before, the German Marksmanship Badge, which you get for firing german weapons. Its one of the few badges that is authorized for wear on the American uniform. And ever since I heard about it, oh so long ago, I wanted a shot at it.

When I found out that I had the opportunity to acquire this most prized item while in Kosovo, I knew that eventually, some day, IT WOULD BE MINE!

Well, I got it!

So, a little background on the Schützenschnur. The badge is worn on the uniform as a silver chord on the right shoulder. It looks high speed too. You have three different levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. In my opinion Bronze and Silver look best. Gold is just, to shiney. Then again, I've never been a fan of gold.

Well, I got the Schützenschnur, though sadly, I wasn't presented it in a formal ceremony like previous acquirers of it before me. I nabbed bronze, only because I have learned that I am killer on a rifle but I need help on a pistol.

I am lucky that I have had previous experience with the HK and the G36, so I was ahead of the game, a little bit. But I'm going home and taking a pistol to the range a lot more.

Anyway, the Schützenschnur has three parts. The G36 Battle Rifle, the HK Pistol, and the German Machine Gun. Somebody help me, I don't remember its nomenclature. SO anyway, you have 16 shots with the G36, you fire at targets from 200 M, 150 M, 100M and 80M. 4 shots from each location. Leaning against the wall, standing, kneeling, prone unsupported. If you can fire an M16, the G36 is a cake walk. Beautiful weapon.

you have 8 targets, you have to get a round in each of them at least once. You have to hit 9 to get Bronze, 12 to get silver, and 14 to get Gold. I think. I know I just got gold.

I was cold that day.

The HK is fired from the standing position, you have to fire it from 25 Meters at a bullseye target. 5 rounds. If you score 45 or better, you get Gold, 40 is silver, and 35 is Bronze. This got me. Unlike the M9, the HK fires low, so you have to kind of aim high. I didn't know what I was shooting at back in June, so I just fired rounds down range back then. I had to fire this weapon 3 times just to get the ligit bronze.

This is me (in unauthorized headgear) and a German dude in front of the Wolf, which is Mercedes' version of the Hummer. You can see the targets in the background.

To the side is three more sillhoutes. You have to shoot five rounds at them as well. One in each is Bronze. Two in one and one in the other two is silver. Two with two and one with one is Gold. Gold was easy.

How they grade the Schützenschnur is your lowest score is your score for the whole thing. I got Gold, Gold and Bronze. That means I got Bronze.

So, what about that Machine Gun you might ask? Well, at this particular range, they didn't have us fire with a Machine Gun. This made me sad. Hence, why I don't have its nomenclature down. The Machine Gun is the toughest one to shoot from what I understand. Dude, firing that thing would have been worth getting a Bronze for. Instead, I bit the HK. *sigh*

Indeed, back to the range for me.

As to the Unauthorized Headgear?

Army's live for trading things. In this case, we traded Hats! Patches are a plus too :)

I got my badge now. I'll need to get a picture of it.

They had the final range yesterday. I did this about a week and a half ago. This is what makes these deployments so worth it.

Did I mention that the German Army is one of the coolest Armies in KFOR?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, and grats on your Schützenschnur.

The nomenclature for german service weapons is simple (for people who speak a tiny bit of german).

Rifle (meaning "Gewehr" in german) are G. G like Gewehr. So the G-36 in your case.

Pistols are P, for Pistole. Most likely P-8.

And then finally the machine guns are MG. Should be MG-3.

All the best from Germany