The Latest Project

I've kind of picked up a side job here in Kosovo for the last part of time I'm here. It's working with PsyOp, illustrating.

They put out publications and stuff to the locals to help sway their minds about certain issues, and the big issue in Kosovo is getting the Albanians and the Serbians to try to find some way past their respective differences and get along. Because as soon as they stop fighting each other, this little community might be able to gain independence. Or who knows, getting turned back over to Serbia. Or something. But until that happens, well, you might as well just expect NATO and a bunch of member nations protecting these people from each other as it remains a protectorate of the UN.

One way they try to pass the message is to the kids. This is through various magazines and such, which is a cool idea. In fact, hanging out with Psyop, they have a pretty interesting job.

Meanwhile, where do I come in? Well, I'm an artist type person that's been working in illustration a bit lately, especially anthropormorphic characters recently. They put up a notice for Artists, Graphic Illustrators and Computer type Peoples to help them with these various publications. I answered their call because I had to do something with my time.

Well, they set me up with the task of creating an illustration for their junior magazine with a winter safety message. Like "dress warmly for winter" or "Be careful when walking on Ice" that the kids can color or something. It's also important to have characters that are obviously different depicted as getting along, to try to enforce the message of unity between different people. What's funny is the Psyop guys have furry costumes to dress up in when distribtuting their magazine (they wore them during Halloween, seeing a disney type character armed with an M9 was a riot, I've got pictures) so they liked the idea that I did Anthros.

Now I've been supposed to work on this for the last week. Due to my current issues with the unit, well, I haven't exactly been up to speed on it, so I decided to try to work on it tonight.

But they should be fairly playful and nothing sensitive. This really isn't a traditional project in the military. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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