Basic Training Stories

A friend of mine asked me to do a favor for her, one in which I am more then happy to oblige.

She wants me to help pimp her journal for her, called Fifth Platoon, which is about her time in Basic Training.

How do I know her? Well, I helped talk her into joining this insane institution. She has since wanted to write about her time and post it online, as she kept a journal while she was in. She was medically discharged, so she is no longer in the army, which allows her to be very open and honest about her experiences in, and her writing style is very fresh and real. She appears to be backdating her entrees to the time when she was in to give it the perspective of what was going on during that time.

It looks like it will be an interesting read. I'm eagerly awaiting her stories about mail call. From me. *evil grin* As a basic trainee, you do not want to get any packages from me.

Because this girl is one of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place, that now makes you obligated to read her basic training war stories.

Go forth my minions!

You can read my own account of Basic Training here. It's a perpetual work in progress.

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