The Official 'To Do' List

One of the greatest questions I've been asked is what do I plan to do when I get back to the states and am officially out of the military. The first thing I usually say is "sleep".

But the truth is I will have far to much stuff on my plate then to take a month long snooze and get away with it. Though my monetary problems will be at a minimum, my first goal is to try to retain as much self control as humanly possible so that I don't blow all of my money in two months. That would be bad.

So, what do I have to do? Let's see then.
  • Take Laptop to shop - this laptop has acquired such a beating that now I have one barely functional USB port and the laptop requires to be connected to an outlet in order to work. I'm very harsh on my electronics. Fortunately, I extended the Warranty on it.
  • Buy a Car - Something small, affordable, and economical. Preferably a Toyota.
  • Insurance - A necessary evil, fortunately for me, my drivers record looks good. Now. Not sure how long THAT will last.
  • Get License - Um, I just had my birthday, and with it, my drivers license expired.
  • Pay off Medical Bill - My amnesiatic experience always comes back to haunt me. But good news, other then my student loan, it is my only outstanding bill. It will be paid off in a matter of one check. Done, case closed. Hallelujah.
  • Get Moved Into New Place - Apparently, I got a room waiting for me at my brother's. He just bought a house.
  • Get Job back at Hastings - Although i can probably wait a bit on this one, I enjoyed my job at Hastings and got some killer discounts there. I plan on going back there and getting some movies and books and things on my 'to buy' list at a cheap price. And its a job I discovered I actually like, I can work there for a bit until I decide what I want to do, IE go active duty, go back to school, look for a real job, etc. . .
  • Go through Crap and get rid of it - or sell it on eBay. I am a Packrat of the worse sense.
  • Plan Out Big Trip - I've got a trip to New Zealand/Australia (ie Downunder) coming up next summer, er, Winter for them. I've got to fine tune this one. And make sure i can afford to do it. Fortunately, I've got connections.
  • Plan out Not So big Trip - Endulging in my inner Geekdom, my brother and I are going to a convention, we don't know which one, but it coincides with Road Trip. It might take us across the country, we might just go to Seattle. We aren't sure yet.
  • Go Skydiving - So I plan on doing this when I get home. It is on my 'to do before I die' list, hopefully it doesn't end in my death. But sounds like fun. This will likely coincide with another road trip. To Arizona or some other such destination.
  • Paint - More. I want to get back into my art so bad its not even funny. And the real thing, not what I'm doing here. I'm alreayd bored of it.
  • Talk to Recruiters - Don't panic family, I'm looking at options. I might get back into the army, wait until this summer or something. I just need a breather from it for now. Don't know if I'll reenlist, but I want to keep my options open.
  • Find out what I want to do with the rest of my life - GAAAAAHHHHH!!!! The eternal question, I don't think I'll ever get this one answered.
  • Actively seek companionship with member of opposite sex - In other words, date. No, I'm serious! I'm getting the thoughts of whether or not I want to start a family, and if I go that route, I want to have kids when I'm young. Not in my forties. Gag. I can't believe I'm already 25.

This is always an ongoing thing with me. Well, whenever I make lists with the intention of completing them. This could be a Resolution type thing, so I'm a little early if you look at it from that perspective. But I really would like to get back into different things I was doing before.

And with the movies thing, I've already got an idea of what movies I want to buy. Which means I'm going to go to the different Hastings stores and raid their Used Sections. Hopefully the policy on used videos hasn't changed.

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