Stabbed the Combat Stress Guy the Other Day

For some reason, a Unit decided to pick one in the morning to blow up some found unexploded ordinance, only to have something go wrong. Shrapnel flew everywhere, five people were down on the ground, one guy had his legs torn apart, two others had their faces ripped open, a fourth was laying on the ground with a piece of shrapnel sticking out of his stomach. Another guy had his hand all torn up.

The Captain was busy trying to keep everyone alive and in order, while one soldier was so traumatized by the experience he was in a shell shocked state, not saying anything to anybody and staring off into space.

Then there was me. I was going ballistic.

We made the call to send the ambulence to take care of us. I was just wandering around, sobbing and speaking really fast, partly in gibberish. See, these were my friends I had just seen blow up!

As soon as the ambulence got there, I just cried at them, asking them to help my buddies and wailing that they were all bleeding and were going to die. At first I was just crying, but the longer it took and the more they talked ot me, the more distraught I got. They tried to make use of me, I was sitting next to one of my buddies pressing the gauze to his face to stop the bleeding. The more I stared at it, the worse I got. So I just cried to the ambulence to hurry and save my friends.

Our OIC kept getting into the Medic's supplies in trying to speed things up a bit while the shell shocked soldier wandered off into the woods. One of the first things they managed to relieve us of were our weapons. They tried to get me to sit down, and I would sit down next to the ambulence and rock back and forth for a while, then get up and wander about, trying to find the status of my buddies. At one point, as they loaded them onto the stretcher and into the ambulence, I followed them in, when seeing the wounds in good light, I wailed that much harder.

They finally got all of the injured patients loaded onto the Ambulence and driven back to the hospital when they took care of the shell shocked casuality, the captain and me. They tried to talk to me, get my name from them, and all I could do was mumble about the accident. I then began to wail about my friends, wanting to see them, to make sure they were all right. When we finally got to the hospital, I started crying more, trying to hop out of the ambulence to see my buddies and make sure they were ok. They had to stop me, try to hold me back.

At this point, my throat was pretty soar.

As soon as we got out of the ambulence, they had to wand me through security. I saw one of my battle buddies ahead of me, I just wanted to get over to them and make sure they were ok. At this point, I was pretty loud and uncooperative. They wanded me through, found my gerber and took that, but missing a crucial piece tucked in my boot. Getting through to EMT, they tried to stop me as I made my way through the people to get to my buddies, demanding to see them.

The Combat Stress guys noted that i was obviously in an altered mental state and were dispatched to take charge of me. They coaxed me into coming with them, rather reluctantly, I followed them, continuing to wail about my friends and demanding to see them. They managed to get me in the back room and try to talk me down, and for a moment it worked.

But only for a moment. Security had missed the knife in my boot and I pulled it out, threatening them about taking my own life. It was done and over with, I had no reason to live anymore.

The Combat Stress guy ended up getting stabbed with the knife, and they drugged me and put me under, consulting the MP's about a whacked mental patient in the hospital. They then had me restrained and took me to get checked out.

That was the scenerio for the Mass Casuality excercise we were playing with the hospital. Yes, in deed, I was the whacked out mental health patient. And I had fun! If they are going to make me work in the middle of the night, I was going to make the most of it.

Several people mentioned that they were going to nominate me for an academy award, I normally can't act, but apparently I'm very good at acting like a nutcase. Several people mentioned that I was acting a little to well for the part, and made mention of this. I only laughed.

But let's just say I got everyone's attention when I came into the EMT, and for having to come in to do a MASCAL at one in the morning, I woke everyone up.

At least I managed to live through this MASCAL. I did one the night before as a patient with a Bilateral Rib Fracture and they ended up killing me.

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