Car Shopping

Well, one of the first things I have to do when I get home is to buy a car. I mean, literally, as soon as I step foot back home, I'll probably be searching for a car. I just know what I want.

It's got to be economical, practical, and foriegn. My favorite brands are Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Honda and Volkswagen. I'll probably stick with Toyota. I want a vehicle with a model year of 1999 or newer, but if I find a good car that's older, I won't rule it out. But it needs to be in good condition, I plan on driving this thing a lot. I also prefer Manual transmission. Every car I have ever owned (all two of them) has been a stick. I would also like a car that has cheap insurance, so that basically rules out Honda. Front wheel drive is good too.

I just hope I don't do the typical girl thing, buy a car, and forget little things like Oil changes and the like.

This car is going to have to get me up mountains regularly. One model I was looking at that I really liked was the Subaru Baha. But I don't think the gas mileage was good enough for me. I would prefer to get a car that get's 30 MPG or better. I would like a four door, but its not absolutely necessary. Just a little car to get me to where I need to go. I'll likely get a luggage rack for the top of it and mount snowboards up there. Yeah, I want to be all hooah.

Car is a necessity. I've learned that while I've been here. I hate not being able to drive places.

Car shopping commences. We'll see how it goes when I get back to the states. If anybody else of car knowledge has any advice, I am all ears.

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