The last Three Weeks have Signaled Career Change

In relation to the last post, I've come to discover that my current job is not right for me. There is a handful of reasons why I went back there.

I need just enough money income right now to maintain my current lifestyle, which includes a car payment, insurance, rent and that kind of stuff, and I just want to do something I enjoy, while getting a nice little employee incentive on the side (in this case, kick ass discounts!)

Well, since coming back, I've found myself working there more then I want to, and after a couple weeks of work, I got paid today.

For the last year, I've been getting a pretty comfortable paycheck. I took one look at this one, realizing I was dealing with idiots that were making me highly frustrated, and thought to myself 'what am I doing here?'

I guess one of the reasons for me to come back and work at this place is to help me realize that I need to move on and find something better. That will, you know, actually make me happy. In other words, I need to find something I actually enjoy doing as opposed to doing something that is moderately enjoying at times and other times makes me want to bash skulls. This paycheck isn't worth the stress.

I think I'm going to say no to anybody who asks me to work more hours, while I focus on doing several things, such as A) find a better job and B) go back to school.

I'm thinking of hitting the community college for Spring Quarter, pick up a few extra credits on the side while I fine tune some of my skills. My parents have told me I may have a knack for free lance journalism. Hey, I've maintained a blog with some readership for over a year. It might work.

I just have to sharpen my skills a bit.

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