Activity needs to be Upped a few Notches

This week so far has been a week of bleh, between me going through my mountains of stuff and working. And also going on some sort of diet.

Actually, rather then a diet, I just need to get active again. We were marching around on Sunday at a pace greater then a thirty inch step and my shins felt it the next day. I've never had prepatory shin splints from marching. So I've been taking it fairly easy these last couple of days so that my shins can recover, and then my plan was to run. or do DDR or jump around on the trampoline or something.

Actually, one of my plans was to hit a pawn shop and buy a bicycle. I want to start biking more, low strain on the knees and a way to get into shape. Also, I could handle running more. My main concern is my knees. They aren't in the shape they once were.

The other plan was to get into some kind of martial arts. They don't have a lot of offerings here in Spokane at the moment. I have one class I know of that I can get into that has two classes a week for an hour a piece, but I would rather get into a longer class thats more frequent.

Meanwhile, I've been busy sorting through things with the television playing in the background. I'm finally through Season 2 of Smallville. I've been doing it a bit differently then other shows, instead of buying the season, I've been renting it a disk at a time. But Smallville is a keeper, I promised myself to buy the series if it ever came into the store used. Sure enough, Seasons 1 and 4 came in yesterday. Along with Season 1 of Charmed. Several people mentioned Charmed as well, so I picked that up too.

I've cleared out a ton of my books and movies, btw. Which gave me a lot of in store credit at my employer to buy things like boxed sets of Smallville and Charmed.

Unfortunately, one generally isn't active when they watch the TV. That's why i should incorporate sit ups during my viewing entertainment.

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