Drill Weekend

This weekend was drill weekend for me.

It also confirmed some facts for me as well. One, I discovered that I don't like working in an Army Hospital at all. Well, I knew this to be true, but this weekend all but confirmed it. I just sat there in formation wondering what I was doing. See, technically, I don't have to drill for 90 days. I just came to drill today because I have to drill out my contract and I felt the need to find something to do on those weekends.

So this weekend's mission for me? Find a home. However, keep in mind that unless I stay a 91S, wherever I find a home at is expecting me to commit to their unit by doing the training necessary to qualify in the needed job skill.

Which = possible reenlistment.

So I'm looking for a home that fits my perameters and I can drill with for a while until I get the knack for what they want and I can reenlist or maybe just drill out the remaining contract.

I went to the hospital yesterday seeing how things were back there and noticed it hadn't changed much. Now, don't get me wrong, I like a lot of people in the hospital here. I just don't like being in a hospital. It doesn't fit me.

I knew of another unit however that had always seemed to catch my interest. So I checked them out. And I really liked what I saw. And if I reenlisted with them, I don't think it would be that bad.

I'm still within my 90 days however, so I might not be able to switch over to them by next month, but there is a good chance I'll be a part of them by May.

Now I have to put in some hours of my own time, commit a lot of stuff to memory, and relearn everything I learned in basic. Next month I get to help run a range. Good times!

Today I got dropped for anticipating a command. I hate it when I do that. But in the meantime, I also think that I'll have fun with this assignment.

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