We Bloggers Must Stick Together

A Blogger's Disclaimer. Now THIS is something I could have used in my year in Kosovo. Why didn't I think of this? Instead of putting a disclaimer up every other week. It would have been easier.

Meanwhile, found a girl who seems to have shared my pain, except she did it in the sand box. Or, perhaps more appropriately, she found me.

Female Soldier Bloggers unite!

Boy, this girl thinks like I do. Most of the time :)

At this point, i don't think I'll ever experience the Sand Box, especially if I take the career path I'm looking at (I'll tell you more about it when I find out more about it). I'll consider this a good thing, as nobody really wants to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan or whatever. But honestly, I was more then willing to go if they wanted to send me.

What's funny, how much I've come to discover about the government and how wasteful it is while working for it. This tends to make a person annoyed, especially when you know that the government is funded by your money. I could say that I pay my own salary in a way, but the crap one sees happen with the government and contractors and so on makes a person want to throttle their representatives. Grr. . .

I should get back to blogging about issues. Every so often I do that, but usually they just turn into rants.

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