Work Sucks

A lot can happen in 15 months. Things change, people change, and I certainly know that I've changed.

Well, a lot has changed at my place of employment. I've been working on getting accustomed to these changes, sometimes with a lot of frustration, though I've come to note that things have not necessarily changed for the better.

For one, the new Vice President, or somebody way up there in the chain, used to run a dollar store. So now they are trying to run our store like a dollar store because apparently its very efficient.

Well, there is a problem with that scenerio. A Dollar Store's selling point is its cheap. People shop there because everything's a dollar.

My store has competition. You can rent movies from Blockbuster, Hollywood or Safeway for crying out loud. You can also buy books and stuff from Borders and Barnes & Noble. Buy movies and CDs at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, all within a driving distance from my employer. Our rates are relatively the same in comparison. People come to us because we have selection and service. However, if you give somebody crappy service, long lines and what not, they aren't going to keep shopping at your store.

And dollar stores are not known for their quality service. Our mantra is Best Service in Town. Yeah, right.

Lately we've been severely understaffed and what not. Policies have changed and I'm trying to figure them all out. Meanwhile, I'm not having a very fun time, because Hey! I remember the good old days. Now I'm jumping in the middle of things and I'm seeing changes all over the place.

Well, I tried to adapt and get along with everything, but a couple of times I slip up and do something wrong. A couple of the people above me keep reeming me out and chewing me out and what not and I'm fed up with it. So I mentioned this to my boss, who wasn't there in an email, just asking her not to have me working under them anymore.

I also got rid of my shifts for the rest of this week because honestly, I wasn't feeling very good and I needed a break.

Well, the boss calls me telling me that I can't switch out those shifts like that without her approval. I'm listening to this and trying to explain the circumstances, and then she brings up this other issue of me not wanting to work under these two people. She tells me I have to deal with it, and then decides to take that moment to tell me that I have no place complaining about people since she's had seven people complain about me and ask not to work with me because of my attitude and what not.

Wow, that's news to me. Ok, how am I supposed to fix this situation if I don't know about it? Ok, people have been irritated by me being a heinous bitch because I'm still trying to figure out the policy but aren't telling me that I'm being a heinous bitch. Sometimes you act a way you don't realize you act like that. If I knew I was bothering people, I would have made an effort to correct it. Apparently my boss decided to correct it by not working me with these people without telling me that there's a problem. But then she tells me to 'Deal with it.'

I told her that I'm putting in my two week notice and included a one finger salute. I probably would have worked with them today and tomorrow in regards to the shifts I switched out if she hadn't chosen that moment to throw the news in my face.

My year in Kosovo has probably not made me a better person in that regard. Anyway, I guess I've come up with an attitude problem because I really don't put up with a lot of crap these days and, heck, sometimes I likely come off as a heinous bitch without realizing I do that.

Although, without sounding too hypocritical, communication has never been a strong suit of mine when dealing with problems I have with people.

Now I'm looking for another job. I'll probably not go back to work here for a month or so, I'll do eBay or work on my comic and trying to make a few bucks doing that. I'm thinking of getting employment at a national park, like Yellowstone or something.

More news on that later. . .

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