Dating Services

A couple weeks ago, my mom, sisters and I had planned to take a road trip. However, due to weather, we changed our minds about that weekend.

Instead, they were having a woman's convention downtown. With nothing really better to do, so we all went there and looked around, and I was bored out of my mind.

Well, while we were there, I had to make due with my time, and so I signed up for this MatchFinders dating service thing, and low and behold, I got a call saying I won their runner up thing, which was actually a Consultation.

So I went into the Consultation and momentarily lost my mind and signed up. Fortunately, the service cuts through the freaks and sets you up with compatible people who are half way normal. I'm not sure how normal a person can be to be compatible with me however.

Anyway, they called with my first match today. He sounds like a nice guy. These dates might be a fun thing to blog about.

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