Consumer Brilliance

Ok, I've got a biff about a current item on the market presently. Its called the PlayStation Portable. Perhaps you have heard of it?

Well, the PSP, for all intensive purposes, like, for playing video games, seems like a pretty cool little gadget. We sell them in my store and all and I've become quite familiar with them. Much like a Nintendo Game Boy, it has games that are created specifically for it. Ok, fairs fair, but what is with the miniature movies?

You can buy a movie for a PSP to watch on its tiny little screen. Movies for the PSP cost the same amount as if you were to buy a regular DVD. Heck, sometimes they can be more. But the kicker to it is the only place you can watch this movie is on that tiny little screen of a PSP.

I can see the benefits of watching a movie on the go, like on a long car ride or some other type of trip, where you can watch it in peace. But, well, you can only watch a movie in that format on a PSP. At least, as far as I know.

Question: what is up with all of these people that think that spending $20.00 on a 2 hour movie to watch on a tiny screen is a good idea?

Answer: I don't know, but I'm seeing sucker written all over the place. In the meanwhile, if I want to see a movie, I think I'll stick to DVDs. Thanks.

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