Voice Shot

So, my voice is coming and going, which is proving troublesome for my speech class. Nothing like having to tell the instructor that I have another issue because I can barely speak, I'm going to be late getting the work in.

I hate coming up with excuses all the time. It doesn't look good on me and eventually the teacher stops buying them. I had an issue with my webcam as well, I can't record video with it if I want sound, as I've discovered that I have a bad soundcard on my laptop. So I have to figure out another way to get the speech in.

I can't win, bleh.

Meanwhile, I've been hanging out a lot on ebay buying crap.

PS - No updates on the job, and I'm not going to speak of it anymore until I know for certain I have it or I don't.


Happy Feet and Liberal Love Fests

Happy Feet came out on DVD yesterday, and I had heard some things about it that made me wish to wait until it came out on DVD to see it. Regardless, I watched it with an open mind and had just wanted to see it.

First the good about it. This movie is beautiful, the animation is near realistic and it is stunning to see how far they have come in computer animation. The first two thirds of the movie is also actually enjoyable too, its fun with a cute story.

And now what I felt would have improved it.

1. Original Songs. Because this movie is so realistic, first thing I noticed was these penguins were all singing pop ballads. There is a penguin named Memphis singing an Elvis song, Heartbreak Hotel, and I'm thinking "How does a freakin' penguin know about hotels anyway?" The very least they could have done is found a composer to make some original music that sounds like something a penguin would sing. Penguins wouldn't know the slightest thing about pop music, and though singing seventies music in 'Ella Enchanted' worked there, becuase it was consistent and kept with the feature, it didn't work here. Disney is able to make original music for their songs, why can't Warner Bros?

2. The main dancing penguin, Mumble, is the only penguin that looks like him. When he grows up, he is a mix between a baby penguin and an adult penguin, and every other penguin that is the same age as him is looks like a regular penguin. I bought it at first, thinking "he's a late bloomer and they want to convey that" but later in the movie it is obvious that months have passed and Mumble has changed slightly, suggesting he has grown older, but he STILL LOOKS THE SAME! Maybe the baby penguins are cuter, but it wouldn't have bugged me as much if some of the other teenage penguins were also in that transition phase, not just the lead character. It's like a scream of 'Look at me! I'm different!'

3. Liberal Love fest at the end. I knew exactly what Glen Beck was talking about when he mentioned this movie on his TV show. The last third was unbearably obvious. I didn't mind the plotline to be accepted for who you were, or even a small environmental message to kids to protect your environment because people aren't the only ones living in this world. But the environmental message just became obnoxious. Mumble is in a human zoo where he dances for people, so they release him with a tracking device on his back and he goes back and tells the rest of the penguins to dance. When the humans see a bunch of penguins dancing, they start saying "wow, maybe they are trying to tell us something!" "Maybe they're telling us that we're affecting their food supply!" "We need to do something about that." Then we get a flash montage (of what appears to be real footage of people, not animation) about how a bunch of dancing penguins makes the world stop fishing the antartic.

This reminds me of "Hey Lassie, what is that? Timmy fell down a well?" Seriously, how would people get the idea of a bunch of dancing penguins would mean that they have a food shortage? By the sheer numbers of them in the movie, if I saw a bunch of dancing penguins, I would just say "cool, dancing penguins!" It wouldn't come to my attention that they might be hungry.

The last third of the movie just became rediculous. Yeah, sure, it is a kids show and kids seem to love it, but the overbearing ending just makes me want to vomit. I will not be adding to my film collection. Movies like this annoy the crap out of me. Especially since I'm an adult who still enjoys kids movies.

Cars was better, but because this is a liberal love fest, it won best Animated Feature in the Academy Awards. Cars at least had more originality in it.

And just FYI, I HAVE seen Inconveniant Truth, and it didn't make me want to vomit. Though Gore doesn't offer any real solutions, and according to him, we're all going to die in twenty years.


Life Collision

I was just realizing how busy I am going to be if I get this job. I'll have to pack all of my stuff, find a place, move 800 miles away and try to get settled in.

And I'm trying to go to school at the same time.

This quarter is off to a rough start and I'm just beginning my second week. I'm hoping to hear back today about the job but it's still a maybe. I hate waiting like this.

Meanwhile, its good to be back at work, though I'm realizing even more now then I did before I took my two week hiatus that I need a change of scenery in the workplace. I'm past working retail at a bum job, though I do like Hastings, but of course, everyone gets to a point where they need to aspire to something higher. And I long to be out of the retail biz.

If I do get the job, I think it's safe to say I'll probably drop out this quarter. I don't think I can try to move and do school at the same time.


I don't really see a whole lot of movies in the theaters anymore. Most movies I can wait for to come out on DVD and watch in the privacy of my own home on my pretty TV. I reserve my theater going experience to movies that will wow me with special effects that I can take full advantage of with seeing on the big screen, like 300 and Pan's Labyrinth (both of which are excellent btw), or I reserve for major fandoms, like Harry Potter, and of recent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Its good to see these guys making a comeback, tell anybody who knew me circa 1990 and they could confirm that I had a major obsession. I've kind of rediscovered them about two years ago and have been steadily collecting the DVD collections as they've come out. So anyway, when I heard that they were making a new animated feature, my first thought was "I'm so going to see this!" I've been watching both the 1987 and the 2003 series, and have a definite feel of the overall series (never got into the comic books, its probably to late for that now) and am prepared for probable campiness of what might come from a ninja turtle flick (and the orginal 1987 series was Campy!)

Yes, they had some dumb jokes (I still laughed), and the script was not oscar worthy but come on, this is a movie about four crime fighting turtles. I went in with an open mind expecting to like it and guess what? I wasn't disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody though, really.

This is a show for kids and fans alike. I loved it because I am a fan. However, I didn't love the fact that I was watching a kid show at a prime showing with a lot of kids. My mistake. Remind me to catch the later showing if they get around to a theatrical release for TMNT #5.


Terrorist Ferrets Plotting Major Attacks

In a lengthy press conference yesterday President Bush vowed to take decisive action against terrorist ferrets who are allegedly plotting major attacks against the nation's living room carpet. "We will not rest," the President declared emphatically, "until these evil-doers are brought to justice. These little rascals could be hiding anywhere -- under the sofa, in the hamper, even in our kitchen cabinets, if Condi left them open. But know this: they are on the run."

More Here

Abby is doing her own part with being at war with my Wacom Tablet Stylus. Blaine has an agenda against any soap bars lying around.

Our carpet has long been a casualty of this threat.


Evolution of a Ninja Turtle Fan

Anybody growing up as a kid during the 80's is very familiar of the concept of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a late bloomer into the fandom, more interested in the Disney Afternoon Cartoons like Rescue Rangers and Ducktales rather then Ninja Turtles, but about third grade they rubbed off on me. And when I finally discovered how much I liked them, I was hooked.

I think one of the appeals of the TMNT, at least for me, was that ANYTHING goes in this series. You name it, they'll find a way to make it happen, the more ludicrous the better. And as a kid, I was a total animal nut, so the fact that the main characters were a bunch of turtles mentored by a large rat was perfect for me. I wanted to find some mutagen myself and transform into some half human half animal freak of nature.

Then maybe I could learn Ninjitsu like the Ninja Turtles.

I had a large collection of Ninja Turtle collectables and one of my fondest memories as a child was saving up my money to go bike to the local Devil's Store (back then still owned and operated by Sam Walton and therefore still an ethical place to shop) and collect Ninja Turtle Action Figures. I had an impressive collection too!

It was a daily staple for me, come home from school and watch Ninja Turtles. I never missed it, even if I had seen the episode before.

However, like most kids, I did grow out of this phase. My family moved to California and as I went through Fifth Grade, I began to realize that, well, Ninja Turtles were stupid. Kids go through that phase ya know, and though I was one of those kids that didn't want to grow up, I still did and when you are going into that Tween stage, you are at this point in your life where you want to distance yourself from things that you enjoyed as a child. It slowly happened for me with Ninja Turtles, and then one day I realized I just wasn't watching it anymore. I gave my collection of Action Figures to my cousins (i look back on this and go grr. . .) and just, well, grew up.

The first clue that I might not be totally out of the fandom came when I went and saw the third movie in the theaters, and a little bit of the fandom came back. I went with my best friend Suzanne in Seventh Grade and we talked about Ninja Turtles and had a brief moment of Nastalgia. What's more, I did enjoy the movie.

Though recently, I watched the movie again and realized how gawd awful it really is *laughs*

Well, years past, other similar kids shows started to emerge, like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which I didn't get near of and only watched a few episodes mainly to point at it and laugh at its rediculousness.

Whatever the case, I went through my teenage years steering clear of most anything that had to do with kids shows. I just didn't watch them, though it didn't stop me from becoming an obsessive trekkie at one point. Heck, when Buffy the Vampire Slayer came out, I avoided it thinking that it would be incredibly stupid.

I got into Harry Potter about the time when the third book came out. I was 18 and just graduated high school, and that's when I discovered a new genre. Kids books. I got hooked on a couple of series, just for quick reads, but looking back, a couple of them could have been avoided and I would have been all the better for it.

As I went through my twenties, I went back into a childhood phase, as I realized how good I really had it as a kid. I readily admit to loving Harry Potter and will be one of those people that will be there at Midnight to pick up book seven and will probably stay up reading it all night long.

Fall of 2004, near my 24th birthday, (and consequently, the same time I got infamous with my Not Sorry pose) I rediscovered Ninja Turtles. The same time they were released on DVD.

The first five episodes of the original series had just come out on DVD, and for kicks and giggles, and a shot at Nastalgia, I bought it. At the same time, I found out that they had a brand new series out and just to compare the two, I bought a disk to it as well.

Reliving my childhood through Ninja Turtles has been great fun. Its become one of those things that I collect, having all the movies, DVD releases of the Old Series and New Series both and comparing them, throwing them on and working on something while they are on in the background and just giggle at the campiness of it sometimes.

If I was an adult in 1989, I would have likely looked at Ninja Turtles and thought 'what a stupid show!' But the unique perspective of knowing how much I loved the turtles then really makes me continue to love them now.

What has equally been fun in reliving my childhood through various animated programs is following prevailant voice actors from the eighties, and how freakin' often they pop up in different shows. Rob Paulsen (aka Raphael) has seemingly become one of my favorite voice actors to follow, as he's pretty much in EVERYTHING (and still everywhere). Gummi Bears, yep. In fact, check out pretty much any Disney Toon of that era and he's guest starred somewhere. Tiny Toons, in that too. Animaniacs? He's Freakin' Pinky for crying out loud. (Love Pinky and the Brain). I recently watched Ant Bully and one of the bugs in it made me think "Rob Paulsen?" Yep.

What am I driving at? You know, it's OK to like something as campy as the Turtles, because looking back with a new perspective as an adult, this show was just plain fun. And you can tell the people behind it were having a blast at it too. And moving on from Ninja Turtle Cartoons to the more 'adult' fanfare of the Comic Books (definitely not for the kiddies whom were raised on this stuff) you see how far reaching this series has become.

I've gone out and purchased quite a few of the comic books and have nearly completed my collection. Just for the sake of having them. Am I a geek? You bet! But I'm a happy and content geek, and I still love Turtles.

What's more, I'll even admit as much!

Jobs, Broken Feet, and Army Matters

I went to the doctor's office yesterday and they told me that there was no real change in my healing so I was sent to an orthopedic specialist today.

Great news! I AM healing! I was taken off the crutches and told to go ahead and support as much weight as I felt comfortable on my foot. I'll be in the walking boot another two weeks and then I can put on a comfortable sneaker *squee!*

I was told by my possible perspective boss that as far as they were concerned, they REALLY liked me and felt I would be a strong addition to their team, but I won't know for sure until I talk to the president, who has been very busy. I'll be interviewing with him on Monday if all goes well and so I'm hoping I will know the outcome of the job by the end of the week. Sweet!

Once I do know that, I can get in touch with my unit and see what sister units are down in that area, because I won't be drilling with my current unit once I move. I'm still going to be going to school the same time, and the job I'm looking at is aware of this and totally willing to work with me.

One of the questions they asked me was in regards to what I would do if I gave an assignment to a fellow employee and found them not working on it, how I would react. I tried to be honest with them, saying I wouldn't want to be abraisive or anything but if they really get on my nerves, being a drill sergeant candidate I might snap into that mentality and chew them out. They laughed and said they would love to see me make somebody do pushups *laughs* I don't think I'll be doing that a lot though. WHatever the case, I'm feeling really good about the job right now and am just hoping that it works out.

I think I'll have to be giving up my little furballs however :(

I will miss them if I do.

New Animated Ninja Turtles comes out today! Must endulge my inner childhood fandoms and go see it this weekend.


What's Happening in My World

Well, today I go in to see the doctor about my gimp foot. I've been taking herbal remedies and trying to stay off of it, which is hard when you hobble around the house. I don't go out much but when I do I take my crutches. I've learned quite readily what a workout crutches can be. *sighs* I just want my stupid foot healed.

I go back to work again on Friday, when I went in to check out my schedule for this week and next week, my coworkers warned me that I have to hurry up and use my hoarded credits or they might disappear. This was frustrating but if I do get that designer job I'm going to have to use them anyway. So I rented six movies and a video game. I had $32.98 or some obscene amount on my account, now apparently the policy is you can only have a maximum of $10 on the account at a given time and only for 60 days. I was saving them for a rainy day but oh well, I'm catching up on my movie watching.

By the way, a credit is a dollar amount credited back to your account if you turn a movie in the next day instead of keeping it for the full five days.

In regards to the designer job, I haven't heard anything yet, and doing the interview with no sleep didn't help me. I couldn't really help this on account of the fact I had to do the questionares they gave me and I wanted to focus my attention on that and it took me all night. Whatever the case, I think I'm going to call today and check in on the job, see if my email got misplaced or something.

I started a new quarter in school. I'm not as excited about it as I was to last quarter, but I think I'll just suck it up anyway. I'm still at Westwood, though if I get this job I think I'll be transfering to Art Institute which has a more comprehensive degree that entails more in the gaming industry, and so I'm going to go there instead. But the classes I'm taking this quarter should transfer so its still good. I'm taking a Business class, Public Speaking, and Digital Illustration, the last one I'm really looking forward too. I've never understood Adobe Illustrator all that much. Hopefully I'll be able to show of some kick butt work!

So, that's the latest of the latest. The new ninja turtle movie comes out this weekend, I think I'm going to have to go see it and see how they look in CGI.


Job Offer

Over the last few days an amazing opportunity came up for me, but I kept fairly mum on the subject for fear of getting my hopes to high in regards to whether or not this would pan out.

A friend I've had for about twenty years is married to a guy in the gaming industry, and they are looking for female designers. Although I don't have any prior experience in game design, I was offered the opportunity to apply for it based on my creative side, gaming history and writing abilities. When doing research on this field, I have discovered that this is a very unique and rare opportunity for me.

I filled out a resume and sent it in with my various job skills that fit the job and they offered me a phone interview (this job is out of town and would require me to move). Before the interview, I was also given a series of questionares in regards to the gaming industry and I had to fill them out and send them back, using this as the basis of whether or not I was a fit for the job.

The questions were. . . interesting to say the least. When I initially looked at them, my first reaction was 'huh?' Because of the highly competitive market that is the gaming industry, publishers are constantly looking for new ideas for games. As such, a designer has to be able to figure out a fun and creative game with what appears to be a really stupid or strange idea. I was warned that they can be borderline crazy at times.

Whatever the case, I was given a bunch of questions and a few premises behind some possible games and I had about twelve hours to come up with something and get it back to them. The fact that I had to stay up all night long working on this made me think that this was also part of the interview process, what kind of ideas I could come up with when under a crunch.

And I had to come up with something creative while displaying my writing skills. I think I did ok with it considering I had to pop NO-Doze and by the time the interview rolled around, I was going about 25-26 hours without sleep. Again, I suspect this was part of the interview process, but a couple of the questions they asked I fear I may have been bordering on incoherent.

I was told that they liked my stuff, but before I can get hired, I have to be interviewed by the president of the company. So I'll know sometime later this week. I'm excited, this is a very rare opportunity for me and I will be paid to actually play video games regularly. This is kind of the field I wanted to break into with my animation degree so overall the fact that this opportunity landed at my feet is amazing.

Yes, I will keep you posted.

If it does happen, I have a few cool ideas for some video games :)


No News but Old News

So, I've been home for the last couple of weeks trying to heal a foot, sleeping ten hours a night, popping herbal remedies, and watching Lost.

I'm now hooked on Lost. Save me.

My dad asked me why I haven't been blogging. Other then the first and second season of Lost (which is old news) and finishing the last quarter of school, heck I haven't done anything noteworthy in two weeks.

I guess I can hash the goat and talk about Britney Spears shaving her head, but that's old news too.


Foot not Healing

Nothing really new going on. My foot is still broken and I haven't been doing it any favors by trying to live my life and walking on it. So I have been rendered to Crutches, absolutely NO weight on my foot for three weeks. Which is hard because I can put weight on it with no pain, but its not mending so. . .

So the verdict is in, the season of snowboarding is over for me. *sighs* I will likely get a midweek pass and leave it at that for next year, I didn't use the season pass enough to make it worth my while.

I was supposed to leave for Benning in a little over a week *grumbles* but now its been delayed til end of July, as mentioned previously. And thank you all for your concern about me being in Georgia in August. I have been to Benning in August before. No it is not fun, but I'll manage to somehow survive.

Hey, I'm Preventive Medicine, despite how much I loathe my job I do know how to do it. So I'm sure I can keep an eye on the heat cat and hopefully I won't miss out on to much training because of it.

Lately I've been watching a lot of movies.

Latest 3DS Creations

I need to tweak with it a little more, but currently this is my rough draft product assignment. I decided to do a guitar.

Much frustration has overcome me in trying to produce this, but much satisfaction has been the reward so far whe I get it to render right.

The finished product will be done next week. After I get some critiques back on this thing.