I don't really see a whole lot of movies in the theaters anymore. Most movies I can wait for to come out on DVD and watch in the privacy of my own home on my pretty TV. I reserve my theater going experience to movies that will wow me with special effects that I can take full advantage of with seeing on the big screen, like 300 and Pan's Labyrinth (both of which are excellent btw), or I reserve for major fandoms, like Harry Potter, and of recent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Its good to see these guys making a comeback, tell anybody who knew me circa 1990 and they could confirm that I had a major obsession. I've kind of rediscovered them about two years ago and have been steadily collecting the DVD collections as they've come out. So anyway, when I heard that they were making a new animated feature, my first thought was "I'm so going to see this!" I've been watching both the 1987 and the 2003 series, and have a definite feel of the overall series (never got into the comic books, its probably to late for that now) and am prepared for probable campiness of what might come from a ninja turtle flick (and the orginal 1987 series was Campy!)

Yes, they had some dumb jokes (I still laughed), and the script was not oscar worthy but come on, this is a movie about four crime fighting turtles. I went in with an open mind expecting to like it and guess what? I wasn't disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it to just anybody though, really.

This is a show for kids and fans alike. I loved it because I am a fan. However, I didn't love the fact that I was watching a kid show at a prime showing with a lot of kids. My mistake. Remind me to catch the later showing if they get around to a theatrical release for TMNT #5.

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