Jobs, Broken Feet, and Army Matters

I went to the doctor's office yesterday and they told me that there was no real change in my healing so I was sent to an orthopedic specialist today.

Great news! I AM healing! I was taken off the crutches and told to go ahead and support as much weight as I felt comfortable on my foot. I'll be in the walking boot another two weeks and then I can put on a comfortable sneaker *squee!*

I was told by my possible perspective boss that as far as they were concerned, they REALLY liked me and felt I would be a strong addition to their team, but I won't know for sure until I talk to the president, who has been very busy. I'll be interviewing with him on Monday if all goes well and so I'm hoping I will know the outcome of the job by the end of the week. Sweet!

Once I do know that, I can get in touch with my unit and see what sister units are down in that area, because I won't be drilling with my current unit once I move. I'm still going to be going to school the same time, and the job I'm looking at is aware of this and totally willing to work with me.

One of the questions they asked me was in regards to what I would do if I gave an assignment to a fellow employee and found them not working on it, how I would react. I tried to be honest with them, saying I wouldn't want to be abraisive or anything but if they really get on my nerves, being a drill sergeant candidate I might snap into that mentality and chew them out. They laughed and said they would love to see me make somebody do pushups *laughs* I don't think I'll be doing that a lot though. WHatever the case, I'm feeling really good about the job right now and am just hoping that it works out.

I think I'll have to be giving up my little furballs however :(

I will miss them if I do.

New Animated Ninja Turtles comes out today! Must endulge my inner childhood fandoms and go see it this weekend.

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