Job Offer

Over the last few days an amazing opportunity came up for me, but I kept fairly mum on the subject for fear of getting my hopes to high in regards to whether or not this would pan out.

A friend I've had for about twenty years is married to a guy in the gaming industry, and they are looking for female designers. Although I don't have any prior experience in game design, I was offered the opportunity to apply for it based on my creative side, gaming history and writing abilities. When doing research on this field, I have discovered that this is a very unique and rare opportunity for me.

I filled out a resume and sent it in with my various job skills that fit the job and they offered me a phone interview (this job is out of town and would require me to move). Before the interview, I was also given a series of questionares in regards to the gaming industry and I had to fill them out and send them back, using this as the basis of whether or not I was a fit for the job.

The questions were. . . interesting to say the least. When I initially looked at them, my first reaction was 'huh?' Because of the highly competitive market that is the gaming industry, publishers are constantly looking for new ideas for games. As such, a designer has to be able to figure out a fun and creative game with what appears to be a really stupid or strange idea. I was warned that they can be borderline crazy at times.

Whatever the case, I was given a bunch of questions and a few premises behind some possible games and I had about twelve hours to come up with something and get it back to them. The fact that I had to stay up all night long working on this made me think that this was also part of the interview process, what kind of ideas I could come up with when under a crunch.

And I had to come up with something creative while displaying my writing skills. I think I did ok with it considering I had to pop NO-Doze and by the time the interview rolled around, I was going about 25-26 hours without sleep. Again, I suspect this was part of the interview process, but a couple of the questions they asked I fear I may have been bordering on incoherent.

I was told that they liked my stuff, but before I can get hired, I have to be interviewed by the president of the company. So I'll know sometime later this week. I'm excited, this is a very rare opportunity for me and I will be paid to actually play video games regularly. This is kind of the field I wanted to break into with my animation degree so overall the fact that this opportunity landed at my feet is amazing.

Yes, I will keep you posted.

If it does happen, I have a few cool ideas for some video games :)

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