What's Happening in My World

Well, today I go in to see the doctor about my gimp foot. I've been taking herbal remedies and trying to stay off of it, which is hard when you hobble around the house. I don't go out much but when I do I take my crutches. I've learned quite readily what a workout crutches can be. *sighs* I just want my stupid foot healed.

I go back to work again on Friday, when I went in to check out my schedule for this week and next week, my coworkers warned me that I have to hurry up and use my hoarded credits or they might disappear. This was frustrating but if I do get that designer job I'm going to have to use them anyway. So I rented six movies and a video game. I had $32.98 or some obscene amount on my account, now apparently the policy is you can only have a maximum of $10 on the account at a given time and only for 60 days. I was saving them for a rainy day but oh well, I'm catching up on my movie watching.

By the way, a credit is a dollar amount credited back to your account if you turn a movie in the next day instead of keeping it for the full five days.

In regards to the designer job, I haven't heard anything yet, and doing the interview with no sleep didn't help me. I couldn't really help this on account of the fact I had to do the questionares they gave me and I wanted to focus my attention on that and it took me all night. Whatever the case, I think I'm going to call today and check in on the job, see if my email got misplaced or something.

I started a new quarter in school. I'm not as excited about it as I was to last quarter, but I think I'll just suck it up anyway. I'm still at Westwood, though if I get this job I think I'll be transfering to Art Institute which has a more comprehensive degree that entails more in the gaming industry, and so I'm going to go there instead. But the classes I'm taking this quarter should transfer so its still good. I'm taking a Business class, Public Speaking, and Digital Illustration, the last one I'm really looking forward too. I've never understood Adobe Illustrator all that much. Hopefully I'll be able to show of some kick butt work!

So, that's the latest of the latest. The new ninja turtle movie comes out this weekend, I think I'm going to have to go see it and see how they look in CGI.

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