German Kezboards and Autoshows.

So, I went out into the world, and just came back from mz time in Frankfurt.

That cool internet service I told zou about_ Well, itäs down. And Iäm on a funkz kezboard that exchanges z and yäs and everz time I trz to put in a comma, I get an A with an Umlaut.

The noveltz of it makes me just want to tzpe as I normallz would and see how much this will drive me nuts__ Oh zeah, question marks are now underscores like just demonstrated.

Enough alreadz. Anzwaz, I kind of went for a stroll to see what is out there and I made mz waz to the Messe of Frankfurt, and ran into something that was pure testosterone.

Something known as the International Automobile Außtellung. I didnät know how long this thing had been going on, but apparentlz todaz was the last daz. Automobiles from everz car maker imaginable. Including quite a few I had never heard before. For a Euro thez let me in, which I thought was a prettz good deal. crayz, I just couldnät help but think that mz dad would have loved to see this.

Pictures to come. When I get mz normal computer up.

Ate dinner at a little bakerz in the Hauptbahnhof, it was good. All the food Iäve eaten here has so far been excellent. This morning, I was in Weisbaden (I drove there in the rental and kind of landed somewhere completedlz bz accident) and had a breakfast buffet at this little cafe called Alex. I donät think Iäve ever had a crescent roll that tasted like that before. It was delicious!

However, surprisinglz, I havenät been gorging mzself.

Anzwaz, I think Iäve had enough of the kezboard and now I have to find a waz to call mz mom and remind her to bring a change of sheets for the hostels, one for me and one for her. I wish I would have known that before I got here *sighs*

The kezboard has an Essyeht! Known as ß.

I donät think Iäll tzpe as I normallz would when on these computers anzmore however.

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