Bulgaria take One

So, I thought I would finally get around to telling you about my Bulgaria trip.

It started at 1 in the morning. We had kind of crashed after ordering a pizza and chilling in the SEAHuts waiting for the time when the bus would arrive.

Well, what do you know? It was late.

The busride consisted of me sleeping on the back seat with the edge driving into my spine. It wasn't very comfortable.

So anyway, Bulgaria is considered an FMPP event, meaning Force Management Pass Program. Its different from my previous Greece Trips in that Greece had an itenerary where Bulgaria they just drop you off at a hotel and you are on your own until you are due back.

The Hotel they dropped us off is a very nice one in Bulgaria, but I won't tell you where because that is part of the reason why we got our last Bulgarian Trip canceled. Dad Nab It All.

So we got our briefings, checked into our room, and then we were off. Because Bulgaria is a little, well, nuts when it comes to driving on the road, you are not allowed to rent a car. In fact, you are not allowed to take any public transportation unless it is a cab due to Pick Pockets. You can get a cab in two ways. Just pay a taxi to take you where you want to go and be done with it, or you can buy a driver for three days and he will be your chaufer, translater, and tour guide.

We went ahead and four of us together got a cab driver named Cipi, prounounced C.P. We had to decide on where to go and so we decided after that drive, we'd get lunch first.

We ate at a place called Happy's, which is kind of like the Bulgarian version of Hooters. Sort of.

Um, I was with three guys by the way, to include Nate, as we were dating at the time, right?

The food was good, and then we had to figure out what else to do. See, we ran into a problem on the particulary weekend we decided to go to Bulgaria. Bulgaria declared a national holiday for that weekend and nothing was open. Well, we all wanted to shoot some guns, so we went to a firing range and shot some pistols.

I showed you a picture from this before :)

Alright you gun nuts, name all of various fire arms located on this table.

We could fire all of the firearms the range provided, we were just responsible for paying for the ammo. It was a little expensive, but much fun. Unfortunately, the shot gun jammed up pretty good before I got a chance to fire it.


Fortunately, I got one of those at home that I can fire for a lot less.


Another Not Sorry Pose, with a Russian Pistol that packs a nice solid punch.

BTW, that is a Rooster Teeth Shirt, makers of the Popular Web Series, Red Vs Blue.

this is Cipi, who looks like a Hitman for the Bulgarian Mafia. We had a lot of fun with him. He drives like a Maniac, or rather a Bulgarian Cabby.

We then went to the Sofia Black Market and checked out clothes for the night. Or rather, we did that BEFORE we went shooting, but I didn't take pictures. It was like a flea Market, except everything was new. And rather cheap.

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, freshened up a bit, and decided on where to go eat for dinner.

Dinner was a blast, at a traditional Bulgarian Restaraunt complete with dancers. I will tell you all about it later, as I'm going to have to go back to class now.

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