In Germany Again. . .

So, Leave Officially starts today, but my orders say Friday. Or something. I think I'll get that worked out soon.

Currently, I'm in Frankfurt staying at a local Hostel which is really cheap, but for a reason. I'm new to this method of traveling but I think I can handle it. Mom will be joining me in a few days so for a little while I'll be flying Solo.

I rented a car today (they gave me a BMW!) and realized that car rentals are not necessary if you stay in Frankfurt. In fact, cars are more a Pain in the Fourth then they help. That, and it helps if you know your way around the area, which I don't, and I spent a lot of time driving around. And Gas is expensive, see, I know you all know Gas is expensive, but for the last eight months I haven't had to pay for gas. So I didn't realize exactly HOW expensive.

The infamous Autobahn quickly lost its luster. I turned the car in and found that my Hostel is conveniantly close to the Hauftbonhof, which is German for Train Station.

I also stayed at Rhein-mein Air Base last night, which was interesting as its slated to close in like a week or so. In other words, the place is dead.

Anyway, found a source of internet for dirt cheap (actually, completely free :) that I think I'll use to update over the next few days. Tonight, I'm going to find a place to eat, explore a bit, work out exactly what I want to see tomorrow, and call mom.

Yeah, that should do it.

Life is good now that I'm away from Kosovo for the next two or so weeks.

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