Hurricane Katrina

Well, everyone else is talking about it. . . however I don't have a lot to say as I'm not keeping up with the disaster very well from where I am and am getting most of my news second or third hand. Anyway, because of my lack of knowledge on the subject, I won't go into details on whats occuring in New Orleans right now, except for the fact that its getting Bad. We've even had a few people here in Kosovo affected by the Hurricane, as a lot of soldiers in Task Force Med Falcon live in the South.

Anyway, I thought it would be important for me to list a bunch of places to donate to help this crisis, as we all know that the international community will likely leave us hanging high and dry despite the fact that Americans donated Billions to the Tsunami Relief effort.

One of the most extensive lists for places to donate can be found over at Instapundit, so I shall direct you there.

If you want to find out more about what's going on in New Orleans, I recommend surfing the Blogosphere for information, they are keeping pretty up to date with what's happening, and are doing a far better job then I ever could.

Also, as petty as my words are coming at this time, please keep the people of New Orleans in your prayers as they try to reconnect with their families and survive this difficult time. We can all attest that disasters seem to be one of the few things that bring Americans together as one, which is unfortunate, and this is a prime opportunity to put all our differences aside and reunite and show our strength as a nation is best illustrated in how we handle times of difficulty.

I just hope that I'm not proven wrong in this as the situation appears to be intensifying.

UPDATE - I added a blogbar up above on my post to give everyone a friendly reminder to please donate if you can afford too. If you want to put one up on your website, you can find instructions here at bRight and Early.

Hat Tip : GOP and the City

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