Deutschland, cont. . .

So, like I said earlier, I'm currently in Germany, which honestly is not a bad place to be. In fact, being here is a huge difference from being in Hohenfels earlier this year. I'm sure Hohenfels isn't a bad place, but it kind of takes away from the novelty of being in Europe when you have to trudge about a block and a half through two feet of snow to use the bathroom, and the food literally tastes like cardboard.

Well, right now I'm in Kaiserslaughtern (er, I'll have to doublecheck the spelling on that) and I'm enjoying the pleasant drive from the inn at which I'm staying to Landstuhl. The drive is beautiful and I've actually quite fallen in love with the country as the leaves are starting to turn and the German villages tucked away within the valleys.

Sometimes when we're driving back, it almost feels like home again, driving through the cascade mountains to get to Seattle or even the scenic drive through Northern Idaho and Western Montana. And with the drivers driving a bit saner then those in the Balkans, as Kosovo looks nothing like the States. Though the German Autobahn often provides the opportunity to show us how well its known for having no real speed limit (well, technically it does, but it isn't really enforced.)

I kind of spent a few hours planning a bit more on the trip I'm taking for R&R, and I really can't wait to see my mom and explore more of Europe with her.

And being here is also making me wish to go Active Duty and find a way to get stationed here. I'm pretty envious of the people that are here currently. Maybe I don't agree with Germany politically, but it is really a beautiful country.

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