Decisions, decisions

So, every once in a while people inquire about my plans for what I want to do with the rest of my life, in regards to the military and what not seeing as my enlistment is up in a few more months and I have the option of reenlisting or getting out.

Unfortunately, one of my traits is indecisiveness, and I can't seem to make up my mind on issues important to my life.

So, the options of me and the army was reenlist active duty, reenlist reserves, or get out completely. Each of those has options of themselves. Which means I need to decide what to do now, and I gave myself this deployment to figure out what.

One thing I made a decision on for certain was my job field. 91S is a good job and all, but it is for certain people, of which I am not one. The other people in my section are good Preventive Medicine Techs, but I always kind of felt sub-par in this field and it is a feeling I never particularly liked, to commit myself to something I'm not good at.

So, whatever I do, I want to change my job. And that has been a factor that has kept me from reenlisting while I've been here because of the fact that a lot of my options, such as going straight active duty, means i have to keep my current job. Maybe I can change it later, but that's when things like huge bonuses become tricky. They give me a bonus, I'm stuck in a commitment or else they will take it back. That's one of the reasons why I haven't changed jobfields before now.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings, as I have made some sort of commitment to myself. I've decided to reenlist, but I will probably stay reserves so I can go back to school. They have a reenlistment incentive in country that I'm looking seriously at that doesn't lock you into any specific job (or so they say) and has a nice hefty little bonus attached.

Which brings me to point two, reserves is a one weekend a month sort of thing. What else?

I've decided to also go back to school. So now the question is, where do I want to go to school at? I've got three basic regional choices for school. Stay close to family and go to an Eastern Washington School, move across the state and go to a Western Washington School, or a third option, move outside of Washington and go to school in Utah, where I have more friends and family residing. Plus, Utah has the greatest snow on earth and I'm slightly addicted to the sport of Snowboarding. Each region has at least two or three schools of which I can go to.

Which means I have to look at what majors are available at which schools and take it from there.

But I think I've made a final commitment to Reenlist in the Reserves. Now I have to decide on which jobfield in the reserves to reclass into.

Commence with the indecisiveness.

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