Past Haunts

Note: I wrote this blog post a few days ago on September 10th, but I didn't have time to actually read through it so it was worded properly enough to make me comfortable to post it. I just recieved the moment to actually sit down and proofread it and make it acceptable to me to post.

The thing about blogs, is you got these old posts that can resurface now and again. Also, its always good fun to look through the old comments that people have put, or new ones that you forget to read. I don't go back and read old postings to often because to me they're practically ancient history.

Well, sometimes the past postings are brought to my attention courtesy of another forum. That of Electronic Mail. Such as the case with this post, my comments on the Sorry People of America, and they are a Sorry Bunch indeed.

So I get an email from a guy who is anonymous, calling himself No Namer and asking me to read his comment. His english isn't the greatest, but I'll give him the pass because he's obviously foreign. I haven't had a 'troll' in the sense come by and hound me on my turf in a while, but I will leave the comment because unlike some websites, I believe in the right to free speech, just as I believe that the Sorry Everybody Folks had every right to say whatever they wanted to in regards to the election, just as I have every right to disagree with them. And when they post their pictures online they are setting themselves up for fodder from people who disagree with them, just like I set myself up for Fodder with my posting with the people that disagree with me.

Anyway, his comment really didn't have anything to do with the blog I had posted, but rather it had more to do with him painting all American Soldiers as being War Criminals. Maybe that's a broad generalization from reading the comment, but its the first thing I note when I see it.
"did you ever be in house where AK 47 painted blood on walls? did you ever look in eyes of dying human? did you ever go in afganistan without weapons? do you talk to does people on pictures?have you ever talk to bunch of people in one place that not agree with you without guns?did you ever cryed and tears fall on M16? did you ever saw burned human and you dont know is that man or woman?did you ever talk to woman that american weapon kill her son and hosband?were you ever shot and youre enemy help you survive? did you ever talked to man who wanna kill himself? did you ever talked to woman who was raped by american ranger ?have you ever talked to muslim who have no gun?

"i dont think so."
Obviously this guy has a score to settle with someone, or maybe he saw a few things, I don't know, he didn't exactly say if he had experienced these things or not.

Have I experienced them? A couple, yes. In fact, many times I have found myself surrounded by people who disagree with me and my political beliefs. You know what we do? We agree to disagree, as I have quite a few friends who are radically different from myself in this area. You know what? They are still my friends. I think that is the only thing he really posted that applied to the post he commented about.

And FYI, I know a few muslims that are really good people, I knew one in high school that did shape a lot of my thinking on the Muslim world as he was a genuinely good person that had a deep conviction in his faith. Knowing him made me realize that not all Muslims can be painted with the broad stroke of Radical Islam. Unfortunately, there are the ones that give the rest a bad name. And it is most unfortunate that I haven't had the opportunity to talk to him since 911.

Its interesting to me that the Insergents currently making a mess out of Iraq today are doing more harm to their own people then they are doing to the American Soldier trying to restore order to their world. I think that says a lot about the insergents, doesn't it? Which is one of the reasons why I do not mind going to Iraq and serving there.

So, have I experienced all of the things that No Namer mentioned in his post. No, and I hope I don't have too.

So, where is he going with this? According to his email, I get the hint he's Bosnian but I can't be sure on that. I don't know if he realizes that I am currently serving in Kosovo which is predominantly Muslim (and the Albanians love America)

My own response to the Not Sorry Crowd was my infamous pic "I am Not Sorry", and of course, my Follow Up Explanation. I explained my real problem with the sorry folks as well.

This is my website. I often speak very frankly on it. You can agree with me or you can disagree with me, that is your right, you can even tell me so, which is why I have comments available. I will not censor anything that is put on here in reply to what I say.

I am somewhat befuddled however, by the email that brought this comment to my attention that admits to being so Sorry for me.

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