Bulgaria, Take Two

So, I left off with the Bulgarian Eatery didn't I? Well, actually let me back track for just a moment.

In the Bulgarian Black Market (I'm not sure if this is a real black market or not, but that's what they call it), they had a video store with some movie posters in Bulgarian. I couldn't resist taking a snap shot of it.

Kill Bill, in Syrilic. Too Cool.

Anyway, back to the Bulgarian Restaraunt. We ordered our food and around 9 PM they started a show with traditional Bulgarian Dancers.

I took some pictures and some video, but they didn't all come out like I wanted them to.

It was basically a group of four men and four women that would go and change into different costumes between dances, all of them in a traditional Bulgarian style. I thought they were quite cool looking and really enjoyed the show, which lasted for about an hour.

My favorite part, however, was the three guys in masks. I'm not sure what the story behind these guys were, but they looked kind of scary and they had sticks they were swinging about. I think I need to do some research on the history of these guys.

Anyway, they go into the crowd and pick out an unsuspecting individual and draw them out onto the dance floor, lie them on a blanket, and then incoorporate this individual into the dance by jumping over them, pretending to smack their staffs on them, and what not. The person, meanwhile, just lies there.

Yeah, that was kind of fun. See, Cipi the Cab Driver talked to the dancers and had them take me out of the audience.

So, while we were watching the dance and digesting our food, I got probably the best picture of me and Nate since we've been going out. Of course, now we're just friends, but still, I thought the picture looked pretty good.

We left the restaraunt at about 1030 and had to find something to do for a Saturday night. I wanted to hit the clubs, but Bulgaria is kind of strange in that nobody really shows up to the clubs until around midnight, but the clubs stay open all night.

Well, we had to blow some time, and unfortunately for me, I was with three guys. They decided to go to a place that really didn't cater to women. Read that as you will. We were only supposed to stay there for about an hour or so but for some reason, when your with three guys who are drinking and you aren't, they seem to forget about the idea of going to the Club.

So, well, we didn't go to the club that night. And because of this odd Bulgarian Holiday that had everything closed, supposedly, I didn't get to go to a dance club the entire time we were there.

The weekend was going well until we hit Saturday night. *sigh*

On to Sunday. Sunday consisted of us waking up rather later then I would have wished. We met up with Cipi and decided where we wanted to eat. Somebody suggested Indian, and so Cipi took us to an Indian Restaurant that was alas, closed.

So we had Japanese instead. That was a lot of food, for not a lot of money. That's one of the beautiful things about Bulgaria.

Then we hit the Gocarts. I couldn't resist going Go Carting when we heard about the fact that they had Go Carts in Bulgaria.

We drove those things around the course for about thirty minutes. I didn't flip it or anything, but my Battle Buddies kind of whooped me on the course. But that's ok, I still had fun.

Anyway, I really wanted to go shopping for souveniers so we found a place that was open. Underground Malls are apparently really common in Europe. At least in Bulgaria. We went to one and I bought a few things for the family and what not. Anyway, on the way out there was a guy with two guinea pigs with a sign that said something along the lines of Picture - 1 Lev. I saw the Guinea Pigs and being a sucker for small furry critters, I wanted a picture.
Well, actually, the guy who didn't speak English, actually had the Guinea pig pull out your fortune out of a bunch of slips of paper for a Lev. Since the slip of paper was in Bulgarian, I didn't really understand what it said, but I still got a picture with the Guinea Pig.

Guinea Pigs are kinda cute :)

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