Current Baby Trends

So I have a confession to make.  I'm one of those moms.  Yeah, one of THOSE moms. 

I was doing a church activity last night, I think I was the only one there who brought their baby along, and the topic of babies came up and the current trends of mommy hood.  One that was thought of as ridiculous by some of these women was the idea that the baby should only be on formula or breast milk for the first six months.  They were commenting on how they were feeding their babies rice cereal at two months and introducing solids much earlier then that to help the baby sleep.  In fact, my mom recommended that I give Kaia a little rice to help her sleep at night when I was still a new mom (not that I'm an old hat at this now that I've been doing it for a whopping five months).

Well, I just made a casual observation, as Kaia is very healthy and happy, how she's nearly five months old and has only been breast fed.  In fact, I'm pretty proud that everything my baby has digested has come from me.  I may have to introduce solids a little earlier than I would have wanted, the army is taking me away from my baby for three days before she turns six months old and I want to make sure I have other options in case I can't get enough milk pumped, but I am in the camp of giving my baby no solids before six months. 

Yep, I am one of those moms.  The mom that goes through labor with no drugs and a midwife, doesn't want a c-section, and breast feeds as long as possible *though I'm not into the extreme breast feeding gig, I think Kaia will be weaned by two at the latest*.  I think some of the women got a little bashful when they realized I didn't use any of those old techniques they raised their children on that worked for them, and I do have my own mother on board because I think she sees how Kaia is growing and knows I'm doing something right.  Heck, I'm one of those Co-sleeping mamas, I try to get Kaia in the crib for at least part of the night but more often than not I end up in bed with her because we're both happier and we both sleep better when we sleep together.  I hear a lot of women who talk about the lack of sleep with a newborn and I'll be honest, I haven't really had that.  Why?  Because I sleep with my baby, I breast feed her, and I try not to let her cry for long when she gets fussy.  It's just worked.  I have had a couple sleepless nights but I don't feel like a walking zombie like many woman comment on. 

I'm not saying every woman needs to do what I do, I just found that it works for me.  I went by my gut after researching what I needed to do.  I basically fell into co-sleeping because it just felt natural and I like my sleep.  What's interesting is a lot of these birthing trends that are coming to light are not really new at all.  In a lot of third world societies, babies sleep with their mama and it isn't considered the enormously dangerous thing that it is like some people claim it is here, though i admit I haven't told my pediatrician that I co-sleep.  Most of these people in other countries don't have the option of feeding their babies formula, they only have breast available, which is considered the best thing to give your child.  I was watching this documentary recently called Babies that shows four different babies from around the world and how although this one baby is born in very rough circumstances, playing around in the dirt and what not, he is happy and thriving.  He's got his mama there and all of his basic needs are met. 

Kaia is happy and thriving, and I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I think it's because of how I put a lot of things to the side to make sure her needs are met.  Right now, she has been my primary focus in life and everyone comments what a good baby she is.  Now I have to focus on making sure my husband isn't feeling neglected either.  And keeping on top of the house.

Of course, Kaia has got me lulled into this sense of security that makes me want to have another one, and I'm wondering if they are going to be nearly as easy as she is