About The Last Posts

Well, I posted them kind of late last night, I was tired, suffering from a cold, and as you can tell, I have nothing but scathing remarks about John Kerry.

And believe it or not, at the beginning of this year I would have probably termed myself a swing voter. That is, until I learned more about John Kerry.

Anyway, moving onto less scathing remarks, I decided to put a picture that had more to do with me, as Creature had very little to do with this site. I think I need to look for some more photographs of me, or see if I can just go out with somebody and kind of take some 'posed candids' or something.

Ah, never mind

Speaking of Creature, I really need to get my butt in gear and do something about that comic. I haven't updated it in like 2 weeks and I promised my readership an update yesterday. Instead I found myself sick and typing scathing things about John Kerry instead. I wanted to post something on my livejournal about how I think everyone who votes for John Kerry just to get rid of George Bush is an idiot, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I might have offended a few of my friends, most of which seem to fall under the category.

Lately I've been playing video games (ok, I've only been playing video games today, but still), and my niece Isabel kicks my butt at Pokemon Puzzle League. I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't beat her. And she's six and has never played the game before.

I thought that was interesting, though I turned around and started playing it for a bit after she had to go home, and I have to say that it is addictive.

Well, I'm glad that the five dollars for that game was a wise investment. Because now I can do something with her that we both can enjoy.

And next time, I'll kick her butt!

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