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Ok, so this is a lame 'trial' post to see if what I'm doing is working.

I've wanted to make a title for my postings for some time so that it would have a little bit more, shall we say, structure to the posts. Because before this, I have never actually titled posts. The posts that are titled were titled long after they were originally posted.

Oh, and I'm working at putting all of my political ramblings elsewhere. I just never thought my main blog was the place for them. So they are now in another spot that I created souly for my political ramblings and anything juicy I want to talk about that might offend some of the fragile ears of people I know, that and my comic readership might stumble across my blog and i respect their desire to come to me to entertain them, not to be bombarded by my political beliefs. Hence, I've placed my political musings elsewhere.

I don't know how successful its going to be, I'm not thinking I'll be a blogger in par with Kerry Haters or Crush Kerry or one of the many pundits out there. (see side bar to the left for even more choice reads out of the conservative blogosphere). But I enjoy what these people have to say and I want to be able to voice my opinion about the arrogance of a certain long faced politician that I find myself standing less and less.

I just need to focus on cleaning up the website a hair bit more. And I want to avoid big long rambling posts like the ones below.

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