Tasking of Goals for Myself

I have set up some new tasks for me to accomplish.

My first, and primary task, is to get out of my parent's house by January. I think I can accomplish this.

I think once you move out of the house, it is hard to move back in, and now that I'm back and have been back for almost a year now, it is time for me to move on.

Second task, is to decide where I want to live.

third, deciding what I want to do. This might come before deciding where to live actually.

Fourth, Decide what else I want to do with what I want to do.

Fifth, packing everything that isn't coming with me. I should get a nice room that unfortunately has carpets, but I don't think I'll have roomies. Maybe I will. Probably more like a dorm then anything.

Sixth, look into more schooling options. But don't get buckled down by these, perhaps look at night class options. And see if I can't take my big fat easle with me :)

I'm getting excited about getting out of here. If I task myself with just living off of my necessities and not go hog wild into spending sprees, I think I can get out of most of my debts in six months. Six Months! I'm in bliss!

I think I'm finally going to go active duty. My unit is in turmoil, I have become an Army of One, literally (and everyone is poking fun at this new predicament) and I don't want to be around when the next commander decides to inventory this shit again, because I've inventoried equipment for that unit a grand total of five times in the last year alone. That's quite a few times considering I only do this one weekend a month and an inventory generally takes about two to three days, depending on how thorough the people inventoring it is. And did I mention that I also inventoried the Seattle Teams this summer as well?

If they had a recruitment video about what we really do in the Army Reserves, people would probably be less inclined to sign.

Let's see how big of an improvement Active is.

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