Why I plan to Vote for George Bush

My first hypocritical response, he's not John Kerry. I can't stand John Kerry, I have stated why many times, and I do not want to see John Kerry holding the highest office of the country, that of POTUS. But that is a hypocritical response and I will not state it in my reasons to vote for George Bush.

Reason 1, You know where he stands

Say what you want about Bush, but the fact remains, whether you agree with him or not, you know where he stands. I can't say the same for John Kerry, I have no idea where this man is coming from and where he is going.

With Bush, what you see is what you get. He said he'd go after the terrorists and damn it he made good on his promise.

Reason 2, He served in the military

And he understands what the military is about. True, so did John Kerry, but John Kerry made his service null and void by protesting against it.

Bush seems to understand what the military is about and respects it. So his service record wasn't perfect. Guess what? Mine isn't either.

And I'm in the Reserves, an entity of the military that is very similar to the National Guard. I've seen other people cut their military contracts short and still get out with an honorable discharge.

The national guard/reserves is an imperfect institution that is made up of civilians who play military one weekend a month. They screw up.

I guess I better not run for public office, it might come out that I failed my PT test once or twice.

George Bush served, and that's all that he says. He doesn't make it a central issue of his campaign. And you know what? He made some mistakes, he admitted them, and I can respect him for that. Now the media needs to get off this dead horse. Nobody cares about Bush's imperfect National Guard record, you should judge him on his actions as serving as president for the last four years, not his service to the National Guard 30 years ago.

Reason 3, he respects the Troops and whole heartedly supports them

Maybe its a photo op, maybe not, but the fact remains that Bush goes out of his way to say thank you for your service to the troops. As mentioned above, he is respectful to the troop and I believe it pains him greatly when another troop dies.

Reason 4, He's optomistic

Bush tries to show the world the good that is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, trying to highlight the points for us being there as opposed to the other presidential candidate who is often times sprouting off negative rhetoric, which is damaging to the morale of the troops.

I don't believe the Iraq war is going smoothly, there are some rough spots, but guess what? This is war. And that is not uncommon in war. People will die in combat, it is part of the nature of the military. All give some, some give all.

And Bush honors those that give all by not continually speaking negatively about our efforts in Iraq and demeaning their service. Kerry continually does so.

In a time of war, our country needs an optimist to be in charge, not a pessimist who's first thought is to run at the first sign of trouble.

Reason 5, he's not as stupid as you think

The number one mistake enemies of Bush make of him is that they "Misunderestimate" him. Hate to break it to you, Bush isn't an idiot. His less then eloquant speaking habits might make him come across as being below average in intellect, but you know what? Most people have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. Bush might come across as stupid, but he's not.

Reason 6, He laughs it off

Bush has proven to be an exceptional leader in that he is good about not taking things personally. There are a lot of people that do not like Bush. They constantly quote his "bushisms" to highlight what an idiot he is. Bush's first response is Tongue in Cheek. He's got imperfect speaking abilities, he often screws things up when speaking. He has accepted it and he moves on.

In fact, he often laughs about it and pokes fun at himself because of it.

Reason 7, He's personable

Say what you want, when most people meet Bush in an informal setting, as a person, not as the president, they like him. He is an easy person to like, as a person. And he shows a genuine interest in people. Bush has his downfalls, his personality is not one of them.

Pictures like the ones below also speak greatly about this man.

The second was not a photo op, it was a touching moment that Bush had between a girl who lost her mother in the world trade center bombing. He merely held and comforted her long after the press departed. The picture was taken by the girl's father I believe.

Reason 8, He's not afraid of making tough decisions and then follows through

Bush has been given a difficult task of handling the nation at a time of unexpected war. War is never an easy thing, and it is easy to make mistakes in handling one. But one thing about war is you have to see it to its end.

Reason 9, Proven Steady Leadership

When Bush makes a decision, he doesn't waver from it. This goes back to what you see is what you get. This is Bush, this is where he stands. You might not agree with him, but you know what he believes.

Reason 10, he's more moderate then Kerry is

Ok, so he is most undeniably a Republican. If you hate republicans, you probably don't like Bush. But Kerry is way out in left field where Bush has gone in some directions that is usually the direction that liberals go (education comes to mind).

Its unfortunate that his education reform is failing, but I think there is more to that then meets the eye.

Besides, I am a moderate conservative, Bush's agenda stands for more of what I believe then Kerry's does.

Reason 11, Partial Birth Abortion.

This is a heinous, violent procedure that in my opinion needs to be axed completely out of the system. There are other ways to protect a woman's life then to proceed with this act. It makes me sick and is one of the few abortion procedures that I am whole heartedly 100% against.

And Bush is too. I don't know if he'll succeed in completely banning this procedure, but I hope he some day does.

I am actually against abortion in general, I could never see myself having an abortion even if I were raped. But that is my personal opinion.

Reason 12, Bush's actions on September 11th

John Kerry has made fun of Bush's delay for not reacting right away to the tragedy that was September 11th (though Kerry and the rest of the senate sat in their seats for 40 stunned minutes and admitted that they 'could not think'), but Bush's actions on that day speak a lot for him and his control of himself in a time of crisis.

Bush's actions were perfect that day. He did exactly what he had to do and proved to America that he has what it takes to be a leader in a time of emergency.

Reason 13, he's not afriad to express his religious beliefs

Ok, so not every american is christian. In fact, there are a lot of people who think that religion has no place in government. So maybe there isn't, but his religious beliefs tell a lot about a person and what kind of person they are. It tells you a lot about where they stand on issues and their moral beliefs.

So yeah, maybe he shouldn't express his belief in god so much, but I don't hold it against him. It's something that he believes. This might be a down point to some people who don't like Bush, it isn't with me.

Reason 14, he's made mistakes and admitted them

Bush has made some mistakes. These are mistakes of his past. He admitted to those mistakes and now he drives on. He wants you to judge him on him now, not before.

There are a lot of people out to do character assassinations on Bush, the most recent one is Kitty Kelly in her Book, The Family (which has already been debunked and proven untrue), and everyone is out to kill Bush over something he's done in the past.

Well, its the past. And one thing that ties into the above statement is he's a christian, and Christians are about forgiveness. Bush has moved on. People still try to dig it up. And the fact that he takes it all in stride without holding press conferances to make a statement that his "patriotism is under attack" like another presidential candidate I can think of.

Reason 15, the Iraq war and the war on Terror

This topic lands on the pro and con issue of Bush. But it was a difficult decision and he made it. The war on Terror has not been a traditional war in the slightest sense. But it takes a strong minded person to make a decision like this and look at the bigger picture. Iraq requires somebody to look at the bigger picture to see the rationale behind us being there.

Say what you will about Iraq, Saddam was a tyrant and he had to go. There are many countries that have corrupt leaders that need to be taken out. The thing is, with Iraq, (which I don't think we were misled by the WMD issue, everyone believed that he had them, even Nuance boy Kerry) was in a position where we could take it down. And so we did.

It is rough handling, but if we stay the course and drive the terrorists away, and show the rest of the world the good that is done in creating a democracy in Iraq, we'll show that we have created a powerful Ally for future problems that occur in the middle east. As long as we keep those relations positive, we should have an ally for years to come.

Reason 16, The U.N.

I hate the U.N. It is a socialistic idea that is corrupt and frankly doesn't really work. Bush seems to not pay much attention to the U.N. because he realizes that they are largely a joke that can't get anything done. The U.N. has done nothing about the situation in Iraq for over a decade. So Bush came along and made a decision for them.

So maybe some people actually think the U.N. is a noble and just system that works for the betterment of the world. HAH! Don't make me laugh. The U.N. has no business deciding what a country does for itself, as long as it doesn't violate human rights issues. The US doesn't violate Human Rights issues, no matter what any liberal hippy might say. Saddam did. He murdered his own people. We saw Iraq as a potential threat. We took Saddam out.

And I'm glad we did.

Reason 17, Laura Bush

Say what you want about Laura, somebody compared her to the Stepford Wives. But this lady has class. She's dignified, respectful, and stands by her man. She is opinionated, and something about her strong love for reading really hits home for me. She seems to be very opposite of Bush, sometimes I wonder how they hooked up. But their marriage is strong and they respect one another. Unlike a certain former president.

There is no doubt in my mind that George Bush is completely loyal to Laura. He has a strong moral standing, something that this country has unfortunately been missing for some time.

Why I would not Vote for George Bush

To be fair, there are a lot of reasons why I wouldn't vote for John Kerry, and there are some reasons why I would not vote for George Bush. The reasons to vote for Bush outweigh the reasons to vote for John Kerry, however.

Reason 1, Iraq war

I am not totally against the Iraq war, but I'm not totally for it either. However, if I am sent there, I will go and serve my country becuase this is what I signed up to do. It is my duty and if called I will serve.

Bush's handling of the Iraq war has not been perfect, maybe we should have gone about it differently. Maybe we should have waited before we went. Maybe we should have acted differently. But the fact is, we're there now and things haven't gone smoothly.

The Iraq war hasn't been an easy thing to do, and it has seperated our country greatly as the anti war protesters continue to gain momentum and voice their disent of the handling of the war.

I do believe we need to see it through before we pull out though. To leave Iraq at this point would only create a disaster in our wake.

However, in this issue, I feel that Bush's solution to the Iraq war makes more sense then Kerry's, and if another person was running against Bush, I might vote for them due to this issue here. But unfortunately, Bush has the best agenda. We started the mess, and we need to see it through.

Reason 2, iffy tax cuts

I'm not against the Tax cuts, and I feel that they should actually go across the board equally. The tax cuts themselves I'm not against, and in fact I feel that they needed to be made in light of the economy. However, the tax cuts coupled with the war on terror and its ever emerging price are not a pretty combination.

Reason 2.5, the deficit

We had a surplus, we now have a deficit. The economy was on its way down when Bush took office, and therefore I do not fault him on the economy. But the deficit is his doing (and directly related to the tax cuts). I'm not, however, totally against the deficit. I believe we needed to do something to spur the economy, Bush chose to give Tax Cuts to help people retain more of their money so that they could spend it and create more

Reason 3, No Child Left Behind

A liberal idea with good intentions, but ultimately failed due to a little thing called the War on Terror and lack of cooperation from the Teacher's union. I blame the Teacher's union more then Bush on this act though. This was a non-partison issue, it was actually put together by both George Bush and Ted Kennedy (now THAT is an unlikely duo). OF course, Ted Kennedy takes equal responsibility in the mess too.

Unfortunatley, it was just doomed, shoveling more of the governments' money into the beurocracy of education without it actually getting to the students who need it.

HOwever, fyi, Bush put a similiar proposition during his term as Governor of Texas to No Child Left Behind, and it was very successful.

Again, not a position I entirely blame Bush for.

Reason 4, the International Community

So Bush has kind of alienated us from our 'Allies', Germany and France, along with a few other nations. We are not the most popular government in the world, and a lot of individuals in other countries look down on us as well. We have gained a nickname of 'Bullies'. This is unfortunate.

I don't think Kerry would do as good a job at it either though, which cancels this downside to Bush out. He and his campaign been insulting the allies we have left and right, and according to him, apparently the allies we have don't matter. All that Matters is Germany, Russia and France.

Besides, I think the U.N. is a joke.

Reason 5, a "Uniter", not a "Divider"

This was one of the platforms Bush ran on in 2000. He actually had a lot of luck in the non-partison issue in his native state of Texas, as he had the support of both Republicans and Democrats while in office. Of course, Texas is a pretty conservative State to begin with.

Unfortunately, this didn't carry over as well when he became leader of America. He ran on it, and it didn't really happen. But then again, Bush faced some tough issues as president that he took a partison approach to. That probably alienated a few people.

Of course, I think a few people were pretty sour that he lost the Popular vote and still gained the presidency. Which leads me to the next topic.

Reason 6, 2000 Election

I don't blame this on Bush, it was a mess to start with. But there was some 'iffy' procedures that happened. Whatever, he lost the popular vote but still got the presidency. A lot of people are still contending that Al Gore should have been president. This divided a lot of people.

But guess what? we would have still been divided if Gore had won. 2000 was a lose-lose situation, reguardless. But the thing is, Gore didn't take it to well and in fact takes it a little to personally. He can't drop it and brings it up every chance he gets. And he's let himself go.

Tells you a lot about Gore doesn't it? I wonder how he would have dealt with 9-11? So maybe this issue should actually be a plus for Bush. I personally don't hold it against him (as I wouldn't hold it against Gore if Gore were running for Reelection)

So Scratch that one, it's a neutral point.

Reason 6, Micheal Moore

Micheal Moore is a force to be reckoned with. And he is adamently against George Bush. This is obvious from a little film he made called Fahrenheit 911. Perhaps you heard of it? The information in it is damaging and his rhetoric can easily sway you to question the tactics behind Bush and his war on Terror, as well as his influence with the Saudi Family.

I guess this is a reason for everyone else Not to vote for George Bush. Why does it not apply to me?

Becuase I think Micheal Moore is a big fat idiot. A smart idiot, but still an idiot. And he is a hypocrit. His movie is based on theories and one man's thoughts about what is going on in Iraq. It is his opinion. And he does an excellent of using his rhetoric to sway your opinion to match his. Hey, what can I say? The man is an excellent film maker, he won an oscar for Bowling for Columbine (another film I don't agree with, I am a member of the NRA after all), and the Palm d'or (I know I mispelled that) for F911, which is an impressive resume, and he is probably one of the main reasons why people are so anti-Bush now.

But his movie is still propoganda based on opinion and theories (which are unproven). Many points of it have been debunked. But it is still powerful and will definitely make you think.

I think people should still see it, and then read the counterpoints on it and make their own opinion.

Micheal Moore is still hilarious, I think the man is in denial.

Reason 7, Disgruntled Soldiers

Hey, soldiers are talkin' and they ain't happy. Tying into the Iraq war fiasco, some soldiers are genuinely pissed that they are stuck in Iraq bored to tears and when they are due to come home, they get their hopes axed by being extended for another month/year.

These soldiers tell you a lot about the situation in Iraq. HOwever, it also tells you a lot about the discipline of todays soldiers.

Reason 8, Osama Bin Laden

We still don't have him. IT's been three years. This is the failing of the intelligence agency. We need to get this bastard and we need to get him as soon as we can.

Reason 9, Halliburton

This is a point that is CONSTANTLY being brought up by the liberal left. The War on Iraq is all about Oil and Money. Who cares if a few people die in the process. Apparently the President does not.

Well, yeah, the War is partially about Oil and Money. That's politics for you. And unfortunately, that's how the world works. Politics. Did I mention I hate Politics? They are rather corrupt.

The thing is, Halliburton got the contract because Halliburton is the only company that can do what it does. Did you know they got a no bid contract under the Clinton Presidency as well? The Liberals didn't seem to mind that.

Yes, so there are some questions to be asked about Dick Cheney and his connection with Halliburton. There are ethical questions that need to be addressed. But before you use this against Bush and Cheney, you might want to look into it a little closer. This was an issue that bothered me for a while, but doesn't so much now.

Reason 10, Fund Raising in Spokane for George Nethercutt

Ok, at first, this really did piss me off. Bush came to town and Spokane forked the security bill.

I later learned that this is actually not to unusual for presidents. I don't really know what to think about the matter now.

But I'm still voting for Nethercutt, though I think his chances of winning against Murray are pretty slim. He's got a few things running against him.

Other factors that are often faulted for Bush but are not his fault.

Outsourcing of Jobs - Did you know that this was started under Clinton? Why yes, it really was!

Economy - Again, not Bush's fault. The economy was on the downturn when he took office.

Sepember 11th - Why didn't Clinton do anything about Osama bin Laden the first time he bombed the world trade center? And a couple US embassies and a Naval Ship? Osama has been attacking America for some time under Clinton, and all Clinton did was raise a fist in defiance and then continued banging his intern.

I fault September 11th to Clinton, and his lack of action. Bush was the first one man enough to actually do something about it.

Again, like the Kerry Post below, this post is going to be added to and refined as I continue to post, and then it is going into the archives. If you have anything to say to me in regards to what reasons I should or should not look at either Presidential Candidate that I did not already address, please address them in the comment boxes for the respected candidate.

Though I doubt you'll make an impact. My mind's pretty much already been made.

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