In The Works

Well, I'm finally getting into some swing of things in regards to my school work at University of Phoenix (which consists primarily of online class work)

I'm planning on finishing off this year in the states, and taking advantage of every ski opportunity I can. Meanwhile going to school, working my rear off, and going active duty.

The first I need to do is get my pay information taken care of, promptly on Tuesday. Apparently my travel voucher was never submitted, because the army is threatening on taking my money back. Hmm, wouldn't know anything about that. But I better take care of it because the army is one financial institution that you don't want to be screwed over with.

Meanwhile, I'm getting this strange desire to own another pet. My primary pet in question is my strong desire to own another horse. I haven't wanted a horse in a long time until recently. And if I can go to certain army bases, I can keep a horse.

My main issues with going active duty are thus. . . can I keep my rank, what are my job options, what are the bonus incentives (and will I be forced to pay back the bonus the army paid me?), can I get into Jump School, and where am I going to be stationed? As much as I would like to travel the world, I would love to stay in the northwest, or at least in the west if I can.

Then my number one priority will be paying off my debt. My number two priority will be getting my bachelors degree. Number three priority? Er, staying out of trouble I guess. And if I still fill up to it, maybe I'll invest in another horse?

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