College Woes

Well, I have come to a conclusion after this first (and in afterthought, expensive) class, that flexnet is not for me. It was thankfully, only five weeks long and so I will repay my financial aid as best as I can and pay for the class. My goal is to simply pass it, I got until next wednesday to do the final few assignments I've been having trouble doing.

In other news, all day today I inventoried again. Just like yesterday. Just like I'll do tomorrow. I am getting the paperwork for active duty going through, if I can just submit myself to working and not doing much in the avenue of fun, I should have most of my larger bills paid off. And I'll also have to pay in taxes next year. Hastings failed to take out my income taxes and I never made note of it because I'm a slacker.

So the question is, where do I want to go?

Also, this weekend, I'm debating on whether or not I want to take the time to clear some brush to get unlimited skiing this winter, considering two factors. One, I'll only be using half of it because I'll undoubtedly be on active duty by January, and two, I have to do this four days, basically two of my weekends gone. A third thing is it only qualifies for mt spokane.

I think I might consider just forking over the money if I want to ski this year. The gas to drive up there for these four days is bad enough. That, and I have other things I really do need to do with my weekends. most specifically, this weekend to make sure that I pass my class.

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