Dazed and Confused

Work has left me dazed and confused as of late. However, the good news, I no longer have to worry about class, though the last class kind of redeemed the whole thing for me. I actually discovered that I learned something.

I learned that I'm good at public speaking. I think I would have been even better if I had taken the time to study the information I was presenting. But considering I shammed it, everyone was telling me I did a great job.

Actually, i was the one stuck doing it because nobody else in my team wanted to get up and speak in front of everyone else. But it didn't bother me. Steve, my teacher, suggested that I look into doing that more.

I said I wanted to be a teacher. I've often felt that way. Maybe I should look more into this route and see where I go. I might actually learn that I like it.

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