Blogs and Ranting

So I started blogging again thinking I could talk about whatever was going on, to discover that right now, I have very little to talk about that isn't involved with what I do for work right now. And even if I had complete freedom to blog about what I do for work, I have discovered that I really have lost the interest in blogging. It's something I have largely outgrown since I started way back in 2001ish, and yes, it's crazy to think I've been blogging off and on since then.

But the reasons I blog now are different then when I blogged when I first started. This was primarily a ranting form for me, that's how I got the load off my chest, and what was bothering me at the time, I knew I could post some details of what was going on and people in the world, strangers could freakin' read what I wrote. For some reason, that was very therapeutic at the time. The problem is, well, in my job and my position, ranting is very inappropriate for me. I am in no position to rant about day to day life. This is no longer an outlet like it had been.

Also, even if I talked opinions like politics and such, which is the direction I originally wanted to go when my blog started taking off, that is another topic that I largely have to avoid. Back before the current election, though I was critical of some of his policies, by and large I still supported President Bush. I have very little support for President Obama's policies, but due to his position, I need to respect his title and his stances on certain issues I disagree with, especially related to the military. I have a lot of frustrations to vent towards the government right now, however I need to remain mum on that front as well. Politics are somewhat of a dead issue for me right now. So even if I turned completely in that direction and my opinions on such things, and left my personal life completely alone, there is really nowhere I can go with the topic without going into a highly critical nature of the current administration.

So in respect to that position, and lack of time otherwise for even maintaining this thing, I'm going into a somewhat of a hiatus mode once more. I have downgraded the main page to one post because I hate seeing posts from three months ago just sitting there, and it keeps a neater appearance.

That is all. Ciao for now.