Yes, it has been a busy week in the scheme of things, to the point that I really don't have a lot to blog about aside from previous topics posted in the previous post.

Yes, training Joe.

From my experiences in this job, overall I enjoy it, but sometimes, yes, I wonder if I'm in over my head. I have a little work to do, I need to fine tune my style a bit more, and one of these days I will begin and end a full cycle. That is my goal. I guess last year counted somewhat, I started and ended the cycle with one company, but I was hanging out in the back room tending to Linen and being quite disgruntled (and vowed to never work that position again).

So, how is it going so far this cycle? For some reason, I always end up in Blue Phase. Although it is a very interesting experience training joe no matter where you get him at, it helps to start at the beginning, so you're tracking exactly what they have been taught and you're busy enforcing it.

But in many ways, it is a rewarding experience. I learn something new every day, and I think I'm actually developing quite a bit as a leader. Funny how you develop those skills when you are thrust out there in front of five dozen people and expected to keep them in line. Yeah, I still need work, but I'm getting there.


More on the Paranoia (none needed)

Well, I did a little more research on the event I was discussing, the thing that came back and bit me when i thought it was long taken care of.

Anyway, so far as i'm researching it, I think it was just sloppiness that is making it have a lot of errors in it. Because apparently when it was sent up originally, back in November, it was deemed to be going in my favor. Then in March, somebody in higher decided against it and kicked it back and they've been going forward with it against me since then, and just trying to get it back out. Of course, i only learned about it last week and have been looking over the paperwork. I think I have a good case and will be talking to a lawyer in June about it. I think it will eventually go in my favor.

Now I just want to know, who kicked it back?

Anyway, there is no malicious intent involved. It was basically Brigade saying that I need to be blamed when Battallion didn't think I should. I think in the long run, its a bottom line sort of thing. I'll know more later.

But it has been interesting to research and find out what happened. I think I should go into investigation or something because this actually somewhat fascinates me.



I took the cat back to the humane society today. They say there is no guarantee he'll be put out for an adoption, but I spent enough money on a cat I wasn't going to be able to keep that I didn't want to spend a few extra bucks to make sure he was put up for adoption.

So I may have sent the poor kitty to his death. *sighs* What else could I do though? I took a bunch of pictures of him before I did, because I love taking pictures and he is quite photogenic.

Yes, I need to take lessons in impulsiveness and reign those in a little more. I shouldn't have gotten a cat in the first place, but every now and then, I need a couple of expensive lessons in why I don't have certain items or why I don't do certain things. Like bring home an animal I am in no position to take care of.

But I have to admit, I have well thought out impulses. I get a bug in my head and I just want to carry through until i get something. If I can't get it and then am forced to sit on it, I usually talk myself out of it.

So I think I'm going to take that as a lesson. Next time I get an impulse that I feel needs to be accomplished that day, no matter how well thought out I think the impulse is (because I really think a lot about them, honest!) I'm going to sit on it for a day.

Unfortunately I get hit up a lot on those one day only things, where you feel you have to do it right then and there for it to get done.

Yeah, sure. Um, I'll work on that. Honest.

I Think I'm Paranoid

Something recently came up that smells a little fishy to me. It is in relation to an incident that happened last summer that I was under the impression had been taken care of and now it's back to bite me on the ass.

Lesson to everyone, get a copy of everything.

I cannot go into details on it at this time (it must be annoying to hear me talk of stuff and not tell you what I'm talking about) but if this doesn't get turned in my favor, you can bet that I will go a little more public on it. Because, well, it's fishy. Something is not right here.

It all starts with a certified letter I did not sign for.

When I look at all of the little things, stuff just doesn't add up. I think they were hoping I would just accept it and take the hit, or make it difficult for me to do so. But as i was looking over the paperwork yesterday in the wee hours of the morning (I was pulling a 24 hour duty and was awake for 34 hours straight last night and this morning) my lack of sleep likely cultivated the conspiracy theorist within me as seeing that there is more to this then what is going on here. Something's not right about it. And the more I investigate, the more I see of where somebody is, well, out to get me.

Ok, this incident happened last summer. I checked my archives to see if I wrote about it then and noticed I hadn't. Hmm. . . I know why I didn't really go into detail, it was an incident under investigation and I didn't want to really bring my blog into it. I've been trying to keep the blog out of the limelight while I'm here, hence one of the many reasons why I don't really talk about my job.

Anyway, I've got to write my case on this issue. If it resolves itself satisfactorily, I'll tell you a little more about it and leave it at that. But it is intriguing me on how many things are fishy about it. Either somebody got sloppy, or something is just not right.

I need to go talk to some people to find out more about it however. Because aside from training 'Joe', I have a feeling my rebuttal on this investigation is going to involve quite a bit of my time.


More On Kitty

Every now and then, I need to remind myself why I currently don't own any pets, though don't take me wrong, I want to get and keep a pet (I loved owning ferrets but they were not without their own issues), but my current position doesn't allow for it.

So last sunday I adopted a Cat. It is a very friendly kitty that I can tell if I keep for a long period of time I would become quite bonded too. The only problem is, well, I am renting a place at the moment from the government. The furniture is not mine. And the Cat will not stop scratching the furniture despite the fact that I have purchased several scratching surfaces to prevent the furniture from getting scratched. The kitty has his preferences, unfortunately I'm not here enough to enforce him in scratching the designated scratching surfaces instead.

*sighs* That's one beef.

The other is the fact that this cat is to damn social! As much fun as he is and how cute he is, this cat craves constant attention. He loves people, he is not remotely shy at all. He hates being locked up in the room upstairs. This isn't so much of a problem with him, except for he's alone a lot and being a social kitty, he probably needs more attention then somebody who works 12 to 18 hours a day can give. It's not fair to him.

And the other issue. I can't guarantee to myself that I can take this cat home with me. I'd love too, but seeing the other little issues, it doesn't look like its going to happen. It's not fair to the cat, and certainly not to me when I get really bonded to him, to keep him for nine months and then give him back. He is a very adoptable kitty, I'm pretty confident that he'll find a good home to somebody who can give him one, I just don't think I'm the person at this time.

I won't go into the hair or litter box problem, which I was anticipating but finding perhaps a little more of a problem then I thought it would be.

Well, already paid the pet deposit that I won't get back and bought a bunch of stuff that I think I've purchased for good. The local shelter on post does have a need for Foster Owners, for newborn kittens and their mommas, and cats that are in threat of going cage crazy. It's not a complete loss, I can probably still offer myself for that. Unfortunately, I think Joe the cat needs to go and find a better owner for him. I'm not in a position to own a cat. Maybe later, when I get my own place, I can manage an outdoor kitty like I did in my youth.

Sorry kitty, I did enjoy your companionship and little quirks while you were here.


Knob Creek

So my four day weekend is pretty much complete, I don't see myself really doing a whole lot more then I did. Tomorrow it's back to the grind once more.

However, one thing I did do (well, other then procure a cat) is go to Knob Creek and zero my AR15 (sort of) and plink with my 10/22.

The 10/22 is a fun little rifle btw. And its cheap as all hell to shoot because, well, a box of 500 rounds runs me about the same as a box of 50 for the AR15. I was doing the math. AR15 .556mm runs about .40 cents a round, while the .22 LR runs about .04, (the judge is more expensive yet, running close to a buck a round depending on the caliber I use, so that thing never gets plinked with) I think I will be plinking with the 10/22 a lot more then any other rifle or gun I got.

As I mentioned, somebody gave me a lot of crap for my 10/22 (I think I'm going to call it Pimp Daddy or something along those lines, quick, give me a Pimp'n name!) They stated, and I quote:
"Oh Lord.
I like the AR15, but what the hell happened to that 10-22? That's the most tragically pimped cheap rifle. . . The ridiculous scope, the "tactical" stock, the horrible bipod, this is the gun equivalent of a Honda with a coffee can exhaust and a giant spoiler."

I just love that quote. But to tell 'Mobile Al Glenfan', you don't like my rifle? Heh, I do! One, you're right, it's a cheap rifle! That's the point! Have you seen the cost of ammo these days? I got a rifle that's fun to shoot and also CHEAP to shoot! Plus, that 'ridiculous scope' saved my rear, otherwise zeroing the AR15 would have been a pain.

10/22? Full of WIN! Excessive accessorizing and All! But that's half the battle with a 10/22. They are MADE TO ACCESSORIZE!!!

I didn't get a shot with my AR 15, but common, it's an AR 15. I can throw up nearly any picture of me with an M16 and it will give you the same basic idea, except for it being, well, shorter and having a tactical stock (and a MAMBA sling!)

Like This, only shorter in stock and barrel, and fired by less privates

Meanwhile, Knob Creek is known for acquiring a lot of firearm enthusiasts, specifically during the Machine Gun Shoot they hold twice a year. However, you will come out and see a lot of guns that are pretty cool and most people will offer to let you shoot them.

Like this 50 Cal. It has the punch of a 12 gauge shot gun. I have fired the M2 50 Cal Machine Gun (now that is fun) and all, but there's something to be said about a gun that will leave a bruise. I fired one shot out of it, but I wasn't about to go try to take another shot, considering how expensive 50 Cal rounds are running these days. It was awesome he let me fire it the once! Pretty sweet, but I don't think I'll be saving up for one any time soon.

And of course, there's this baby.

This was an awesome gun to get obscure close ups of. It's so pretty! What is it?

It's a Vickers Machine Gun, a .303 Cal water cooled fully automatic butterfly trigger machine gun.

I'm not sure what I'm pointing at, but the owner was kind enough to let me fire a few rounds down range. This gun was pretty accurate too, it sent every round to the same exact location, which I can't say the same for the M2 fifty cal, though granted, we were sending the rounds a lot further down range, and there was this problem with the front leg of the tripod of the guns to sink further and further into the mud as we fired them. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

I just want to take pictures of components of these guns.

I will go back to Knob Creek again, take the 22 with me, maybe the AR15 as well, might leave the Judge (might take it too) and get some more plinking in.

One of my battle buddies, when I told him I went shooting this weekend, he specifically asked me if I had a lot of cats. Er, just one. He said that's how it gets started. Guns and Cats. I didn't realize the two were related?

The targets people use out there

Obama Eclipsing Reagan

Courtesy of IMAO

On May 3, The Daily Kos posted this picture

Without me posting further, thoughts? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this? What symbolism do you see?

Is it pro Obama? Pro Reagan? Neither? Both?

Remember, produced by Daily Kos, a very liberal blog.

Thought it was just, well, interesting.

FYI - It appears anti Obama to me. . . just my first initial impression. Reagan is the sun, brightness, Obama is the moon, darkness, and he's sending us into an era of darkness. Appropriate in a way, but not how the Kos kids intended.


Owning a Cat

So I got myself a cat.

I've been wanting a pet for some time, and since I'm a bit of a homebody when I get off work. I just wanted a companion to hang out with when I got home. I wasn't to picky about color or gender, what I wanted was a cat independent enough that it would be alright if I wasn't home for hours but was playful enough that I could toss things at it and watch it go into a kitty tizzy.

Because, well, face it, cats are amusing creatures. Even if some people can't stand them.

So yesterday I made an effort to go find a cat. One problem I faced is that I am currently not home, and though I'm allowed pets where I live, I've got another problem in that I won't be here forever, so when I go home, one of two things will happen to me and this cat. Either it will come home with me (and I will have to look at getting my own place because the cat will either become an outdoor cat or I have to move out of my current living arrangement (brother allergic to cats)) or I will have to take it back to the humane society. I probably shouldn't have gotten the cat because I couldn't 100% guarantee that I will be able to keep the kitty until it's death, but a lot can happen between now and a year from now.

So I went kitty shopping, and came home with a just shy of two year old cat. I wanted one that was socialized, and not a kitten, because you never know what you are going to get with a kitten. Sure, kittens are cute and all that, but they always grow up to become a cat. And kittens are often different then their adult counterparts.

Well, I found myself a kitty. A fluffy orange furball that is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to get in a cat. I wanted a cat that was independent, but when I saw this furry kitty there was just something about him that made me think 'he's my cat'.

His name, Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy however, needs to soldier up a bit. I call him Joe. He is not remotely shy though. I put him in a room and closed the door, and all he does is meow and scratch at the door to be let out. He wants to be around me at all times. He is completely dependent and craves attention.

I got a cat to keep me company when I get off of work, and damn it, the cat's about as demanding of my time as the Joes at work are. So his name fits him. I think he could do with a shaved fur coat too. But don't worry, I'm not cruel, I would never do THAT.

I think I'll do Friday Cat Blogs. Or something. Tell you all about Joe jumping on my head and trying to pet me back with his paw. I swear, this cat thinks he's human! He's extremely sweet, and has a constant motor running. I'll be holding him by the scruff of the neck so I can clean the ear wax out of his ears and he STILL purrs!

Damn, I should have never brought home the darn cat. Hopefully things work out alright, but if he doesn't soldier up and goes nuts when I'm gone for twelve to sixteen hours a day, I might have to take the cat back to the Humane Society.


I've Got a Four Day Pass

It's been long in coming too. Though I did kind of get a few days off last weekend, they weren't really all that consecutive. I got half of Thursday off, Friday off, and Sunday off. I did the Derby on Saturday. Otherwise, well, I would have had a nice little three and a half day last week.

So this week I get Saturday through Tuesday, and then I go back to the grind on Wednesday. It really shouldn't be that bad, I'm just doing a deja-vu of the last four weeks, same exact training. Should be fairly easy I hope.

I just don't want to do Heartbreak again right now. My short stubby legs didn't take to well to it the first time.

Meanwhile, what can I do with a four day pass?
  • Knob Creek - I bought a couple of rifles a few weeks ago, and I still haven't tested them, so going to the range is probably a given, though somebody has already ripped on my 10/22 as being "the most tragically pimped cheap rifle… The ridiculous scope, the "tactical" stock, the horrible bipod, this is the gun equivalent of a Honda with a coffee can exhaust and a giant spoiler." So, um, I need to take it out and prove that it's not a pimped honda. Sure. I just wanted a freakin' 10/22 for plinking!
  • Nashville - What I love about consecutive four day passes is I can GO SOMEWHERE!!! Nashville is on my list of places to go, but unfortunately it will likely wait my next four day pass. For two reasons. I want to go with somebody, and the engine light in my truck just kicked on.
  • Get Truck Checked - Which brings me to point two. I got to go get my truck checked out to see why the engine light came on. I need to make a payment on it while I'm at it too.
  • Go See Star Trek - I used to be a trekkie too. I haven't seen a movie in a while, and a friend asked if I wanted to see it with him. Hmm, Star Trek.
  • Play Video Games - I've got an Xbox I don't think I've touched in six weeks. I can work on my guitar playing once more.
  • Write - This is the standby. Write. Except I've got a half dozen novel length works that I don't let anybody read for a reason. But I was thinking about this. What if I wrote a short story? And I mean a ten to fifteen page short story? That is very short for me, but I couldn't figure out how to do it because I am destined to just keep writing, hence why none of my stories are complete. And then it got me to thinking. I could pluck any of my characters out of their novel and write a short story on them. Something I can actually let people read actually. I've decided that I'm going to do this. Maybe I'll write a short story for all my protagonists. See which one comes out the most successful. But this will take planning on my part.
  • Work on Webcomic - I was doing so well on this before we picked up too. Maybe I should take a day and just work on it and get a few more comics cranked out. I teased my fans and they are growing restless with me.
  • Learn to Play Guitar - This is not ROCK BAND or GUITAR HERO! An actual real guitar. I brought my guitar with me, just in case I had the notion of deciding to learn a few songs. Even some books to learn some chords. I really need to work on it.
  • Mammoth Caves - I did this last year, so much fun. Could do it again this year, but I need somebody to go with. That is the rub, ain't it?
  • Go someplace in Off the Beaten Path: Kentucky - Just flip through this book and go somewhere. Maybe even the Coca Cola museum. Or something. Take my camera and take some pictures.
  • Photography - I have been barely using my camera this year. Though I probably should have it checked out too after I had my heart shatter when I dropped it in March.
  • Zipline - There's this place in Ohio. . . Probably not going to happen this time, but next cycle break, totally there!
  • Play Paintball - I just got a paintball gun. I really should put it to use. I need to find some people to play with. Hmm, go check out Craigslist, I could probably find a few people on there to play paintball with.
  • Sleep - Actually, I've been doing a LOT of this since we graduated the last group (and even before). I blame it on getting over 'the crud'. I should be caught up on sleep now, except whenever I sit down to start writing or do something constructive, the Z monster attacks.

Hmm, that's a good list to start off with. Now i think I'm going to get out of here before I find myself doing a whole lot of nothing.


Twilight Hate

For those of you have read and like Twilight. See, I've got a friend. Surprisingly, we adamantly disagree on everything from religion to politics but we have somehow remained civil to each other and have remained friends on Livejournal and Facebook despite this.

She is currently reading the Twilight series, and she HATES it. She started a blog about it knowing she would hate it and is giving recaps. Her blog is somehow gaining a lot of traction and getting quite popular, which is surprising her. However, what's surprising her even more is her lack of hatemail and flames from people who love the books.

So if you like the series and want to defend it, go show her some love.

Even better, if you have read the series and think its kind of cheesy and corny like myself, or your curious at why this series is so popular and what its about, go check out her blog and get a laugh. Her recaps are actually quite funny, and so true.

But I'm sure a couple of my family members might take offense to her though. Especially those who love the books, and I know a few that do.

My Take on Dijongate

Yay, four day pass! And then its back to the grind again.

For those of you who aren't familiar with what 'Dijongate' is, both Instapundit and Hotair linked to this post.

Basically it was a spoof. See, Barack Obama and Joe Biden went to Arlington VA and had a hell burger, which was apparently a historic moment because everything involving Barack Obama is historic. MSNBC was there and covered their little male bonding experience when they were craving a burger.

That's all fine and all, but well, is it newsworthy? Who cares that Barack Obama decided to go get a burger, it's not that big of a deal.

So Legal Insurrection made a joke about it. Because you see, this is secretly a ploy by Barack Obama to come across as an every man, but in reality, he ordered his hamburger with Dijon Mustard, showing that he is an elitist! But MSNBC left out that detail when they reported it, showing that they are covering up that Barack Obama liked Dijon Mustard. And that in itself is the scandal!

Dude, it's a joke on the idiocy of the adoring Mainstream Media and their fawning press coverage of Barack Obama. WHO CARES THAT HE WENT OUT AND GOT A BURGER??? This is non-news, just a little story to make Obama look like a regular 'joe'. There is nothing newsworthy about this story except for those who worship Obama and want to see him every waking hour of their pitiful lives. Do we really care that Obama likes Dijon Mustard?

But apparently, the leftwing blogs (hence forth known as the nutroots) are screaming foul over this story which apparently got the blogger a bit of attention.

Apparently they didn't grasp the concept that this was a joke and a non issue.

Reading up on that story and how people get all up and antsy over any criticism of Obama has proven interesting. Take for instance, the comments left in THIS Post over at Huffington Post (a Liberal haven in the blogosphere). These people have such a blind adoration to the president that they can't find anything remotely funny about him.


Miss California and the Hypocrisy of the Left

Ok, since I am generally in a giant bubble a lot of the times, I don't always have a lot of opportunity to discuss current affairs, but the whole Carrie Prejean issue is really kind of getting my goat.

This girl just had the gall to state her opinion in a Beauty pageant on a controversial matter and has been attacked up and down for it. She holds the same view as many people do on Gay Marriage. She believes it should be between a Man and a Woman, oh the Travesty! She should have kept her opinion to herself and gave a PC answer, but meanwhile Perez Hilton just wants to call her a Dumb Bitch, showing what an open minded bigot he really is.

What many people are pointing out is that there is a little hypocrisy in regards to how people are treating conservatives and people of faith in regards to this issue vs the President, who is stated to hold the exact same stance on Gay Marriage. Obama thinks it should be between a Man and a Woman too. But the left gives him a pass. Why?

Likely because they believe he really doesn't hold that view and is just stating it for political reasons.

This is ludicrous! So in affect we are punishing somebody for stating their honest opinion and calling them Homophobic while we praise somebody who is considered less then honest about his views (no, he really doesn't feel that way about Gay Marriage, let's vote him into office because he's a Liberal!). When exactly did we enter bizarro-land anyway? That's right, on or about November 4th.

So now we have a series of attacks on a girl who was asked a question and gave an honest answer. Hell, I'm rooting for this girl, I am so sick and tired of hearing about stories like this in regards to how somebody is treated for having a differing opinion that is not PC. And I saw her 'nude' pictures, they look like something that would show up in a Calvin Klein ad. The horror.

In regards to my opinion on Gay Marriage, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, yes, but I never really saw it as my fight to fight. There is so much a single person can do in these times as they watch the world around them spiral into the abyss, and so my view was 'it's going to happen sooner or later, I just have to live my life as best as I can'. But most Christians I know see this as the signs of the times, this was what they were talking about, wasn't it? Good is considered Evil and Evil Good. But now I'll be considered a hater for considering liberal viewpoints as 'evil', when in truth i view them as immoral, which is basically the same thing. Why should I shut my mouth and be PC. If I think something is gross, it's gross. Better put a label on me! I guess all I really can do is 'gird my loins' and prepare for the world to end in 2012.

At least, according to the Mayan Calendar. Perhaps they were onto something?


Obama vs Bush

One of my readers, Robert, posted this question to my recent post about Obama.

It's not my normal practice to comment of the political rants of others but I was wondering if you consider the alleged Socialism of President Obama to be either more malevolent in approach or more destructive in practice than what many considered the Imperial Facism of former President Bush?

This struck me as an interesting question not only in what was asked but how it was phrased and the loaded words used, making me think that I probably can guess what Robert's political leanings are.

For one, I have never once perceived Bush as being a Fascist, though I am by no means an expert on the term. It seems a lot of people liked to throw words around that have negative connotations behind them to smear the former president in my opinion. They close any and all debate by hurling out labels such as "fascist" and "Bushitler" instead of actually talking policy and multiple sides of the issue. As for Imperial Fascist, this in itself is a loaded word suggesting that Bush was working on expanding his Empire by over throwing the Iraqi government, when many fail to realize that in all of Amerian History (Alibi - Ok, to be safe, let's look at the last eighty years since WWII or so)in regards to war, have we ever done more then occupy a government we conquered as we helped rebuild them to the eventual goal that they govern themselves and become an Ally (ie, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, etc where military forces still hold a presence) That is the goal of Iraq.

In regards to Bush himself, I am not an enormous Bush fan and truthfully never have been. Bush is to moderate on fiscal policies for me to be a true fan, as I am through and through a fiscal conservative and think that small government is the best government. Bush ran as a conservative, but he was a big government republican, seeing as how much he ran up the debt and expanded the government in his eight years in office.

However, what Bush did pails in comparison to what Obama is doing now. Bush governed from the center and paid for it by alienating conservatives with his fiscal policies and infuriating liberals with his war policies, which is why I believe he became so unpopular in the end. You can't please everybody.

Obama is quite frightening to me not only because of his fiscal policies means putting the nation in trillions of dollars of new debt, but his treatment of the auto and banking industries by nationalizing them, firing a CEO of a private corporation, forcing through universal healthcare when it has proven to be ineffective outside of a few coughs and colds (good luck finding a doctor in the next couple of years), the desire to punish success by greatly expanding taxes, and let's not forget the Blame America Tour he just completed where he got friendly with a few dictators. I feel nice and warm inside knowing they know they can walk all over Obama because he proved he's a lightweight.

What really gets my goat more then anything however, is the treatment of the Press over Obama. Obama is a master of saying one thing and doing something completely different. What's outrageous is that the press refuses to call him on it, so he can get away with whatever he wants. It is vitally important to a nation to have an unbiased Press who reports on the facts in regards to the nation. The press keeps the government and business in check. Unfortunately, the press is so in the tank for the President that they have lost all credibility. Since Obama owns the press (at least the government will as soon as they finish bailing them out), he doesn't have to be accountable for anything. Bush couldn't get away with much with the Press, because he would turn his back and try to open a locked door and the press was there to capture it and frame him for being a stooge. Ok, fine, whatever, but if they are going to treat one president in that manner, they need to do the same for the next.

What really made me worried in regards to the press and its treatment of Obama was how they reacted to two people last year, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. If the average citizen is not outraged by this, then they are clueless as to what happened.

First Sarah Palin. She came into the scene as a fresh face on the conservative ticket and nobody knew much about her. Right off the back the press sent teams of people up into Alaska to dig up dirt about her, when nobody was doing half as much digging on Barack Obama as a presidential candidate and the head of his own ticket. Joe Biden was making Gaffes and flubs left and right, but the press wasn't focusing on him. No, they were downright ignoring him, but Sarah Palin was getting grilled on her daughter's pregnancy and whether her son Trig was in fact hers or her daughters. Us magazine did a hit job on her and unfortunately, her handlers mishandled her and put her up for two unfriendly interviews which has ultimately hurt a lot of her chances in the future in politics. The problem is, Sarah Palin is a very talented and intelligent woman who has experienced first hand character assassination by the press. They have managed to paint her as a backwoods redneck that likes to shoot animals for fun and pop out kids as if they are fashion accessories. They fail to paint her many accomplishments as well as her public service record.

How they treated Palin vs Obama on similar issues (and we're talking the bottom of one ticket versus the top of another) disgusted me. But then there is Joe the Plumber.

This is an average American (yes, who's real name is Sam but anybody ever hear of a nickname?) who just so happened to be in his front yard playing football with his kid when Barack Obama wanders through talking to ordinary people looking for a photo op. He comes up to Joe and Joe asks him a question. Remember, Obama came up to him, not the other way around, and Obama gives him a downright socialistic answer about 'spreading the wealth, which is good for everybody.' Red alert, red alert, Obama gave a bad answer, so the press must instantly deflect off of Obama which means the tables are turned on Joe. The press is on Joe attack.

The problem is, it shouldn't matter who Joe the Plumber is, whether he is Sam Wurzelbacher or Charles Manson or Santa Claus, what should have mattered was Obama's answer to the question. But what everyone immediately forgot was Obama's answer to Joe's question, because suddenly it was all about Joe and his dirt. This was a private citizen who was attacked for daring to ask Obama a tough question (something the Press still hasn't figured out how to do)! That is crazy! The press is in the tank for Obama!

I don't care what your personal opinion or policies are in regards to politics, whether you agree with Obama or not, but we need a Press that actually does its job. Because when they are refusing to keep the president in check and letting him get away with whatever he wants, well, ever hear of the term Power Corrupts? Well, take it one step further when you have a very thin skinned president. And yes, Obama has shown himself to be very thin skinned to criticism and likes to personally attack people who disagree with him (ie, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tea Party Protesters, etc). Bush never called out his detractors by name, they protested him, he ignored them.

As to the original question posed to me, do I consider the alleged Socialism of President Obama to be either more malevolent in approach or more destructive in practice than what many considered the Imperial Facism of former President Bush, the answer is . . .

There is no 'alleged' about it. Do a little research, Obama is a freakin' socialist. You may or may not agree with Socialism, but look around you. Bush is not a fascist, if he was, there would be more people in prison for speaking out against him. So cut out the loaded words, do I think Obama is doing more or less damage then Bush did, the answer is definitely more damage. Whether it be to our economy (though Bush didn't help much that last year), our defense, or our place in the world's eyes, hey, they may not have liked Bush, but our enemies didn't want to mess with him. It seems to me that they have been inkling at testing Obama just like Biden said they would for the last few months.

But who knows, we still got three and a half or so more years before the next presidential election, maybe Obama can pull his head out of his ass by that time and I might actually agree with his policies by then? But I doubt it.


Happy Derby Day!

How about them Longshots, eh?

I've written about my time dealing with Churchill Downs in the past, but not on a Derby Day. The biggest racing event in the world, the Kentucky Derby, takes place the first Saturday of May in Louisville Kentucky. When I was a horse crazy young girl, I always wanted to attend. Mostly because it was this huge horse related event.

Flash forward to present day, I was given the opportunity to go to the event and I took it. There was a catch, however.

I had to work it.

These are the most unflattering pants ever. Remind me when I have to wear a uniform that doesn't involve camouflage, to dress myself up a little next time.

I was detailed out for Security in the Kentucky Derby, which meant I caught the race second hand on TV, but that's ok, a lot of people don't see the race live, and you get a better view of it from the TV anyway.

I woke up at Oh-Dark-Thirty, which isn't really that unusual for me, but actually I did get up earlier then I usually do, which is saying something. Working just the Derby, we had to get there before all the people do, and they want us there by six, so I took into account that I had to wake up, get dressed, drive to the parking lot to get shuttled in, and then get shuttled in and find out where exactly they wanted me to be. I was quite frankly clueless. I just knew it was going to be a long day, though I was expecting to have fun.

I thought I was going to be settled in with doing Gate duty at Gate 10, when I got nabbed to help out over in the Turf Club.

Yes, the Turf Club. That's where all the Celebrities go.

Again, remind me to dress myself up a little more next time I do something like this? I'm so used to dressing down that it has worn off on me to NOT wear make up and preset myself in such a fashion. But when you are dealing with the Turf Club, well, let's just say I stood out as fashionably under dressed in my black shirt and badge and waist high pants. These things are disgusting, there is a reason why I don't wear pants that ride this high.

Anyway, what struck me about the Turf Club was how ritzy it was, and how dressed up everyone was who was there. Now mind you, I'm working security, and though I had a camera on me, I couldn't just go snapping pictures of people at random. I had to be discreet about it, which turned into me getting quite a few crappy pictures actually.

When I first got there, I was hungry, because I conveniently forgot breakfast. It is torture to work in this place and watch the servers serve this amazing looking food and you can't touch it. It was ridiculously high priced food, but I didn't need to worry, being amidst the little people, around noon I finally got to eat my ham and cheese sandwich, which I paid a dollar for.

As for the celebrities, well, there were quite a few I saw. Being security, I didn't go out and get pictures of all of them, that would have been classless on my part.

Who did I see?

Brooke Shields (holy crap this girl is tall!), Terry O'Quinn (proved to be a true nerd when this was the most exciting celebrity I saw), Nick Lachey (meh), Kim Kardasian, Kid Rock, Larry Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith's Baby Daddy) Serena Williams, Ely Manning, Paris Hilton (famous for being famous???), and. . . Ricky Gervais?

Ok, that is actually kind of a funny story. I haven't seen a current picture of Ricky Gervais for a while, but I love his TV show Extras (so sad he only did two seasons, what's with that anyway?) and I could swear I'm staring at him. I was actually more excited about the prospect of seeing Ricky Gervais then anybody else besides Terry O'Quinn, which proves I'm totally unhip and a complete nerd actually. But being in a security uniform, it wouldn't do for me to go up and ask him for an autograph, so I just watch him, sometimes I swear its him and other times I'm not so sure. It sure LOOKS like him. So I'm watching him from my spot (I was in pretty much the same place all day) and trying to figure out if its him or not.

I pretty much convinced myself it was him (though I didn't think he was that tall) and after the Derby was over, decided to brave a chance that he would allow me to get a photo with him. He was a very nice guy, and also turned out to not be Ricky Gervais, but rather William Mitchell, President of Papa John's Pizza.

I still thought that was pretty cool and asked for a picture with him anyway. Looking back at current pictures of Ricky Gervais, it's not him. But I can pretend :P He was a really nice guy regardless.

Of course, after seeing him a half dozen times, I decided if I was going to get the nerve to go up and get a photo of a celebrity other then NOT Ricky Gervais, I was going to get a picture with John Locke.

Terry O'Quinn was also very accommodating and I didn't want to impede on him so I kept it quick and made sure I wasn't interrupting anything. My favorite part of Lost by far is his Character.

So those are the only real photos I managed to get with celebrities, or quasi celebrities that aren't really celebrities but we can always pretend they are.

As for the race itself, well, for those of you who follow Horse Racing, we'll just call it an upset.

The bizarrely named Mine That Bird was a 50-1 longshot that by some strange fluke managed to win the Roses. I'm guessing this means that we'll most likely NOT be seeing a Triple Crown Winner this year. But who knows? I love rooting for a long shot, especially one as oddly named as Mine That Bird. That could go down in legend with Secretariat, Citation, Affirmed, War Admiral, Omaha, and Seattle Slew.

Got to love those long shots!


RSS Feeds and MORE

Somebody was asking about an RSS feed, I included a link in the sidebar. I've had one for some time, I just, well, I don't use RSS myself, though I probably should look into it.

I've brought the blog back from the dead, I don't know exactly what I plan to do with it, but there are some things on the other blog that you can do through a blogspot hosted blog that I appear to need to figure out how to do on my own blog.

So, what do you suggest I put up on my blog that people want to see? Any suggestions? Anybody?

And yes, I have a twitter account too, not that I really ever use it. I'm still trying to figure it out.

My Beef with Obama

I get a little ahead of myself, but then I thought Blogger made it so it would update on the date you asked for. Anyhow, I decided to postdate these last couple posts for May 1st, archival reasons.

For those of you who have been living under a rock these last 100 days, we have a new president that is NOT Bush. Everyone has been commenting on/critiquing >his first 100 days and so I guess I can jump on that bandwagon too.

I decided, like most patriotic Americans that the best I could do was give the new President a chance. Sure, I didn't vote for him, but my major concern is wanting to see this country flourish and succeed. Really, I was all about giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Now, Obama is not without his gaffes and mistakes (of which there are plenty), many showing him to be all to human. The time when he thought a window was a door, bumping his head on Marine One, his sense of humor (or lack thereof) in comparing himself to the Special Olympics, leaving the heat on in the oval office, etc etc, just shows him to be for the most part a mere mortal that is not perfect. So in that I don't necessarily fault Obama (though the hypocracy of 'do as I say, not as I do' that he lives by is a little annoying), but rather I fault the double standard in how they portray Obama in the media compared to a recent former President who couldn't go two minutes without being portrayed as a baffoon. There was no respect for the office of the President when Bush held the position, but suddenly Obama now commandeers 100% of our admiration and respect? And there are many, MANY examples of his errors while in office.

The media has shown time and again not to be the watchdogs of the government, whose job is to keep them in check and hold them accountable for their actions by reporting the facts and letting their viewers form their own opinions, but instead are now becoming the advocates of the Obama administration, doing all they can to make sure that this Presidency is seen in positive light. The little gaffes here and there are not what gets me, THIS is what is worrying me. The media has become a tool for the government, which is allowing the government to get away with anything it wants. That in my opinion is the problem.

In regards to Obama himself and his policies, holy crap what is happening to my country? I was seriously willing to give him a full year, with basically two stipulations. He doesn't touch my guns and he fixes the economy. I know he's a liberal, so I can only hope that he governs along the lines of Bill Clinton's moderate liberalism versus being another Jimmy Carter. You can only expect so much from a guy so I kept my expectations low and hoped that maybe we can survive until 2012.

Well, that fell flat. On top of putting America on a High Speed train straight to Socialism, you have a nation of ill informed citizens who don't understand the basics of economics. Everyone is worried about the economy right now. According to poll after poll, that is the number one concern on most people's minds, and with this stimulus nonsense and everything else going on, Obama's cure for fixing the economy is to raise the deficit and spending by trillions of dollars, money WE DON'T HAVE TO SPEND!

The way you fix a downward turn in the economy is not spending more, but spending less. The problem with Obama and what all of his fans are harping on ('He's done so much more then any other president in such a short amount of time') is that he's doing TO MUCH with money we don't have. He's bankrupting our country with all of these pet projects he wants to do.

Don't get me started on Government intervention into private companies like GM and AIG. I will never EVER own a GM vehicle, or a Chrysler vehicle. President Obama is carefully crafting himself to be ruler and overlord of our nation by imposing the government way to forcefully into private lives. I'm fairly socially moderate in regards to my beliefs that people have the right to do their own thing in their private lives and the government should largely butt out, but in regards to fiscal policies, I am straight up Conservative. In nearly ever policy he has enacted I have disagreed with the President. I can't support him, so whenever I hear about a Tea Party nearby that I'm available to attend, you can be sure that I'll do what I can to make it.

In regards to these little efforts to appear to be fiscally responsible, such as claiming to cut 100 million out of the budget, please don't make me laugh. Why waste our time? To the uneducated masses, 100 million sounds like a lot of money, but when you are talking Trillions, which the average person can't really contemplate in their head without visuals, the following video provides a nice graphic. Though the creator might find himself in hot water over defacing a penny.

So, do i have a bone to pick with our current President? You betcha! He's a classic example of using his oratory skills to promise one thing to the people who are all clamoring up to him in all of his magnificence when he turns around and does the exact opposite of what he says he will do. Are people really that stupid? I guess they are, unless they are in full agreement with his actions versus his words.

Meanwhile, I think this weekend I'm going to go stock up on some more ammo.

In closing, 100 days of Awesomeness!

What am I Up Too When I'm Not Utilizying Personal Time?

So some people asked, so I guess I'll give you a little heads up on my current status. Sorry, I have to maintain vague terminology in case anybody decides to 'google that shit'. Of which I know, yes, somebody is going to Google me. It's a given.

Am I working at the moment? Yes.

Full time or Part Time? Full Time. Until early next year unless I decide to extend. I'm still thinking about it, the economy and where we are at as a nation will be determining factors.

What Job am I doing? That job that entails screaming at adults to make them do what I want them to do (very empowering at times, but in truth, quite exhausting. Honestly, you don't power trip on it very much after a while, because your freedoms are quite limited yourself. But it can be rewarding). Why don't I give it a name? Well, because I've mentioned it before, but it becomes quite easy to google when I state it and people have a tendency to find me easier.

In regards to that 'Job' I am referring too, considering the sensitive nature of the job, and the potential for future people I may come in contact with that might try to find out more about what I do before they experience what I do full force, that is one of the reasons why blogging is such a sensitive nature, especially in regards to this particular topic. Nobody wants the human side to come forward, and in regards to my personality and nature, I am all to human.

That was one of the reasons for my moving to an area that is not remotely related to my job last year, though one can have no doubt that i hold a lot of enthusiasm for what I do. A little to much? Probably. I'm still learning the finer parts of this job, and need to refine my style quite a bit, and since I volunteered and many of my counterparts were ordered, we hold varying degrees of ideology on how to perform the same job. I mostly need mentorship, unfortunately, most of my mentors have been in the habit of contradicting each other, which has become quite annoying.

On a completely related but different note, I decided I would point out something that was kind of interesting that was shown to me by one of my readers shortly after my blog went on Hiatus.

This is a screen capture from an official website in regards to what I do for a living at the moment. I did not have anything to do with this, but quite frankly, 2009 being the year of the, well, Leadership that Doesn't Wear Brass (speaking about my job in vague, unsearchable terms is getting quite annoying), I thought this was kind of cool. I decided to get a screen shot, in case the web designers look closer and realize that this example of that particular paygrade may not be the prime example to place on their website.

Yeah, as soon as they realize what they have done, they might go about trying to remove that.

Incoherant Ramblings, I ressurect you!

Am I going to get in trouble for posting to this blog again? Hmm, probably. But seeing as it is the end to an era of yelling at people and completing the last half of a cycle, and attempting to blog on the fly elsewhere (elsewhere being Here, which lost my motivation for posting most of the time as an anonymous, which in truth is quite annoying), I decided that I would start posting again. See, certain people I work under have a problem with me blogging, but others do not and in fact told me that they do not mind me blogging.

However, what does that mean I'll be blogging about? One, I am not going to be blogging about work to much. In fact, if I do discuss work, it will be in terms that make it difficult to google, so certain factors will be stated in vague terms. Those of you who know me will know what I'm talking about, but others will probably go 'huh? what does she mean her job is that of a screamy person?' If you look in my archives, you might be able to figure out what it is that I do. Or not.

Meanwhile, a little backlist of what I have done over the last few months. I went across country once more to attempt to do the job I wanted to do last summer. Is it all cake and ice cream like I want it to be? Hah! Not even remotely close. It is a rage enducing, hair pulling annoyance that I have heard from others in my job field, especially in regards to treating grown adult men as if they are kindergartners (that is an accurate analogy). But it is not without its own merits and rewards, and although I'm still learning myself, and sometimes wonder if indeed am I really cut out for this business, I know I have it in me to do the job, except for the part that being angry all of the time is exhausting!

So, what happened after I closed the blog down in January. . .

I went through South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore.

I went to a Tea Party in Cincinnati and got a cool shirt (I am not a home owner, because I can't afford a house at the moment, and I won't buy one until I know I can afford it)

And I have been highly critical of President Barack Obama's fiscal irresponsibility (some people are saying he is doing so much more then any other president, but there is a thing as doing to much, especially when we can't afford too). Being in the jobfield I am in, I try to keep my critical nature of the sitting president respectful, but I'll go into a little tirade later.

I bought a couple of guns at Knob Creek. An AR 15 and a 10/22. Both are apparently 'assault' rifles, becuase of their scary looking appearance. As soon as I get a moment, I'm taking them to the range, zeroing in that AR 15 and popping a few targets with it, and the 10/22 is going to be my official 'plinking' rifle. Mamba sling for added bonus!

Hippy Band T-shirt with Two 'Assault rifles' for the win! As for the quality of the picture, well, I take what I can get.

And of course, there's work. And when I work, I have no life outside of work, so I hang out with a bunch of smelly stinky guys and boss them around most of the time. Good fun. Especially when I go bipolar on them. They are gone today (May 1st) and I told them I never want to see or hear from any of them again once they leave my sight. Is that true? Um, yes, yes it is. I guess a couple of them I wouldn't mind contacting me for professional correspondence, such as telling me what's going on and what they are doing with their careers, but only after all of their training in complete. As long as they don't ask me to go clubbing with them whenever they are in the 'dc area' like a couple in the past did.

But for the most part, I'm just looking forward to a little 'me' time. As soon as I get that four day pass they keep promising me. But it's all good! My life ain't exactly peaches and cream right now, but I'm doing alright. Make the most of it, have fun when I can, and try to act like a professional instead of the total goofball I am.

Though they weren't kidding when they told me about Heartbreak. That hill practically broke me off!