I Think I'm Paranoid

Something recently came up that smells a little fishy to me. It is in relation to an incident that happened last summer that I was under the impression had been taken care of and now it's back to bite me on the ass.

Lesson to everyone, get a copy of everything.

I cannot go into details on it at this time (it must be annoying to hear me talk of stuff and not tell you what I'm talking about) but if this doesn't get turned in my favor, you can bet that I will go a little more public on it. Because, well, it's fishy. Something is not right here.

It all starts with a certified letter I did not sign for.

When I look at all of the little things, stuff just doesn't add up. I think they were hoping I would just accept it and take the hit, or make it difficult for me to do so. But as i was looking over the paperwork yesterday in the wee hours of the morning (I was pulling a 24 hour duty and was awake for 34 hours straight last night and this morning) my lack of sleep likely cultivated the conspiracy theorist within me as seeing that there is more to this then what is going on here. Something's not right about it. And the more I investigate, the more I see of where somebody is, well, out to get me.

Ok, this incident happened last summer. I checked my archives to see if I wrote about it then and noticed I hadn't. Hmm. . . I know why I didn't really go into detail, it was an incident under investigation and I didn't want to really bring my blog into it. I've been trying to keep the blog out of the limelight while I'm here, hence one of the many reasons why I don't really talk about my job.

Anyway, I've got to write my case on this issue. If it resolves itself satisfactorily, I'll tell you a little more about it and leave it at that. But it is intriguing me on how many things are fishy about it. Either somebody got sloppy, or something is just not right.

I need to go talk to some people to find out more about it however. Because aside from training 'Joe', I have a feeling my rebuttal on this investigation is going to involve quite a bit of my time.

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